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    Errors & Omissions

    What Is Professional Liability Insurance?

    And why it’s important A professional is someone whose vocation or occupation requires special training and skill. Historically, lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, and medical professionals were the sole occupations that fell into this category as their industries established strict regulation

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    Insurance for Techs – An IT Insurance Company for Today’s Times

    Insurance for Techs delivers outstanding performance when it comes to information technology insurance. As an IT insurance company, we believe in client service above and beyond your highest expectations, achieved through a consistent commitment to anticipate and fulfill evolving customer

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    Quality control

    4 Quality Control Tips that Can Reduce Claims

    Over the past several years we have seen an increasing trend of claims resulting from quality control problems. Below are some tips that will help your Professional Liability Insurance and General Liability Insurance underwriters feel more comfortable with your  risk

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    Reduce Claims

    How to Reduce Claims if You Must Assume Liability in a Contract

    The party not in power assumes liabilities Most tech companies enter into contracts with project owners or managers that specify the terms of the work, including which party is responsible when things go wrong. The most common provisions that govern

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    Technology Insurance

    22 High-risk End Uses of Your Products or Services

    They might prevent you from getting General Liability Insurance We have listed below end uses of tech products and services that most General Liability underwriters specializing in tech accounts consider a high risk of litigation.  Unfortunately,  high tech involves high

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    Intellectual Property safeguards

    Guidelines for Content to Reduce and Prevent Claims

    Guidelines for the digital information age The Professional Liability Insurance ( Errors and Omissions Insurance and General Liability Insurance) safeguards below  that apply to your operations should be adopted to reduce and prevent claims against your company. Formalized intellectual property

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    Web Site 101: How To Know If Your Web Site Exposes You To Claims

    How to know if your website exposes you to claims Be aware that websites containing a chat room, bulletin board or any other type of interactive exchange that can be viewed by others exposes you to a greater risk of litigation. 

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    Answering service insurance

    Customer Service Procedures That Can Prevent Claims

    Do your customer service procedures measure up? It may seem irrelevant or unnecessarily protective, but you would be surprised how easily a claim can be made due to poor customer service practices. Or worse, claims of quality customer service being

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    product liability insurance for Technology firms

    Computer Consultant Insurance Needs

    The number of computer consultants in the job market and the need for affordable professional liability (errors and omissions liability) insurance for computer consultants has mushroomed with the technology explosion. Computer consultants are vulnerable to the types of lawsuits that

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    Cyber insurance

    Diagnose Your Technology Business’ Exposure

    Doing so will ensure its financial health by: John D. Spiehs, Claims Counsel – Media Professional Insurance and Cameron Stracher, Senior Vice President and Special Counsel- Media Professional Insurance We all get sick sometimes. Even the healthiest among us. It

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