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    Worker’s Comp/Conractor

    Roofing contractor

    Contractors and On-the-Job Heat Illness

    Signs, symptoms and prevention tips We see you out there building our homes, paving our roads and maintaining our infrastructure. As a contractor, there isn’t much that slows you down. When a job is on the line, you and your

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    S.C. Workers' Compensation Commision

    System Notifies Builders of Lapsed Work Comp

    Tracking eases administrative burden A joint program developed by the Home Builders Association of South Carolina and the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission offers an automated system that will notify a general contractor upon midterm lapse of its subcontractor’s Workers’ Compensation

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    Contractor Workers Compensation Insurance

    Why Workers’ Comp Claimants Prefer Attorney Representation

    The reasons behind needing the assistance of an attorney The three main reasons injured employees hire an attorney when filing Workers’ Compensation claims is lack of workplace trust, fear of the claim being denied, and the severity of the injury

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    General Liability insurance for contractors

    Will a Homeowners Policy Cover Injured Contractors?

    It all depends on the policy and state law Homeowners will sometimes hire a person to do work at their home, such as housekeeping, painting, landscaping, etc. on a full-time, part-time or one-time basis. If the employee or independent contractor

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    Homeowner Warranty and construction defects

    Builder’s Duty to Homeowner Warranty

    Court rules warranty cannot waive duty to build in workmanlike manner The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that a builder’s duty to construct in a workmanlike manner can’t be waived by the terms of a limited homeowner’s warranty agreement between a

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    Workers' Comp insurance

    Homeowners Building Their Own Home

    Do they need Workers’ Compensation insurance? The answer depends on a number of factors, according to a panel of experts from the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers Association. Some states exempt homeowners building their own home from the requirement to carry Workers

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    Subcontractor and Employees

    What’s the difference? Many of our builder clients ask us about the difference between an employee and a subcontractor or independent contractor for purposes of Workers Compensation and tax withholding. There are a number of rules of thumb on this

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    General contractors and workmans' compensation

    Workers’ Comp Claim for an Excluded Owner

    One of our builder insurance clients recently posed the following question: Could a builder who is excluded under his own policy be stuck with a Workers’ Compensation claim for the owner of a subcontracting company who is not covered under his own Workers’ Compensation policy? According to the

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    Workers' Comp injuries and migrant workers

    Injuries at Employer-provided Housing

    Are they covered under Workers’ Compensation? In the case at hand, a migrant worker was injured when he fell on a wet sidewalk at housing supplied by his employer. The bunkhouse rule was argued and the rule acknowledges that there are circumstances

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