12 Specific Cyber Liability Risks

Analyzing your insurance needs

When analyzing a Cyber Liability policy for adequacy, the following specific risks may or may not be covered:

  • Errors & Omissions resulting in economic damages (needed for accounts that perform cyber-related professional services for a fee)
  • Personal injury such as libel (usually excluded under General Liability for accounts with Cyber exposure)
  • Advertising injury such as inaccurate statement about a competitor (usually excluded under General Liability for accounts with Cyber exposure)
  • Copyright infringement
  • Trademark infringement
  • Patent infringement (difficult to obtain on Cyber Liability policy, may need to buy stand alone policy to insure this risk)
  • Computer viruses, malware
  • Unauthorized access to confidential data
  • Authorized access by insiders for illegal purposes
  • Breach of security
  • Loss of use
  • Business interruption

Businesses should discuss the exposure to each of the above risks with their risk manager or insurance agent and decide which  are necessary to be included in the coverage form. Don’t assume that all of these risks are covered without a specific coverage grant in the policy language. Since Cyber Liability coverage forms are not standardized like may other policy forms, coverages tend to vary greatly from one carrier to the next.

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