SADLER & Company Inc, was founded in 1946 by John M. Sadler, a man with a vision to transform the insurance industry. While the typical insurance agency provided broad spectrum policies to the general masses, he started one of the first insurance programs in the nation dedicated exclusively to home builders.

Our commitment to your success began with a vision…

John Sadler’s  vision was to aid home builders in getting the policies they needed: policies that addressed the varied and common risks that builders faced, with premiums that they could afford. He launched his first builders program in 1973 to turn this vision into reality, and his efforts led to his being elected into the South Carolina Housing Hall of Fame. His commitment was to meet his customers with policies they could afford that would also protect them against the most common risks in their industry.

The company grew as their customer base responded to the availability of customized policies for builders.  But that was only the beginning of the agency’s commitment to bringing specialized policies and assistance to individual industry niches. By the time his son, John M. Sadler, became president of Sadler & Company in 1989,

John M. Sadler - Owner of SADLER and Company, Inc.

John M. Sadler, JD, CIC

the company’s product offerings had grown to include customized, affordable policies to meet the unique risk factors for local sports and recreation organizations as well as those of small business owners.

The SADLER commitment to customized, affordable policies starts with our president, John M. Sadler.

Our president, John M. Sadler is a nationally recognized author and leader in the insurance and risk management industry.

A licensed attorney, he holds the Certified Insurance Counselor designation and is a well-known author and speaker.

His focus on the success of his customers, however, is what establishes the vision of the company.

“I don’t play golf, entertain clients, or take long vacations; instead, my focus is on ‘no-nonsense’ hard work to engineer and manage the best client experience possible so that our clients become raving fans and recommend us to others.

It’s my job to assemble the best team and processes, but I’m always available at any time for consultation or problem solving.”

John M. Sadler expanded on his father’s vision by focusing more on the sports & recreation industry niche for insurance.

SADLER’s commitment to providing expert advice and customized policies to their clients has enabled them to add specialty niche divisions to provide customized policies to the products liability industry and the technology professional industry in addition to their existing niches.

SADLER offers specialty industry-specific insurance and risk management solutions to businesses and organizations in all 50 states.

Customized Policies Mean Better Protection for Your Specific Business and Lower Costs…

Our focus is to provide affordable policies that are customized to fit the unique risks and liabilities faced by the following five industry niches:

Rather than offering generic policies that are “one size fits all”, we focus on providing customized policies that provide specific coverage that is unique to the risk factors your business faces.

Our top priority is offering broad protection and offering simple but effective risk management solutions. However, that doesn’t mean more expense. We are experts in our niches and have researched the marketplace and know which carriers are the most price competitive at any given time.

This focus on providing the policies and premiums that our customers need drives all aspects of our business, from how we choose the insurance carriers we will partner with, to the methods we use in customer service, to the exclusions and limitations we analyze in policies before we offer them to our customers.

At SADLER, we offer you more than just great policies and affordable rates.

Our commitment to your success extends far beyond cost-effective, customized insurance policies. At SADLER, we go the extra mile to extend our expertise to help your business succeed.

Each of our industry niches is handled by a department of trained staff who are experts in your field. That means that when you have questions, they are answering not only from a general insurance perspective, but also from your industry’s perspective. Our staff understands your unique risk factors and concerns.

Our extensive Articles & Reports Library on each of our industry niche web sites provides important information – covering topics that include managing your risk to prevent losses before they end up as insurance claims, understanding the different types of insurance policies, handling aspects of your policies such as reporting and audits, common (and expensive) mistakes most business owners make with their insurance policies, and much more. We’re committing to helping you take the guesswork out of what can be complicated and confusing by making your insurance policies easy to understand and manage.

Enjoy instant savings up to 38%

With SADLER, you’ll find savings of up to 38% on the policy you choose. All of our insurance carriers are rated “A” or higher by A.M. Best, the nationally recognized rating agency for insurance companies and other financial organizations.

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You’ll find SADLER offers the best terms available for the best prices, and coverage flexibility to meet your needs. If you have any questions please give us a call toll free at 1-800-622-7370 or click here to get your customized quote. We are looking forward to helping you with your business liability insurance coverage needs.