Are Your Laptops Secure?

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Laptops are the most common source of data breach

Many employees disable the encryption solutions on their laptops, putting their employers at risk for data breaches, according to a study by Absolute Software Corp. and The Ponemon Institute.

The study specifies that corporate America is being affected by the behavior of employees who destabilize data protection.  This behavior is resulting in encryption not being enough to protect laptops and other mobile devices that have sensitive information stored on them.  The number one source of data loss is from lost or stolen laptops.   The survey results reveal that 75 percent of companies experiencing the theft or loss of an employee laptop will incur a data breach.

Business owners aren’t taking the necessary safety measures to secure their laptops.  Some business managers even deactivate their laptops’ encryption making themselves and their clients more vulnerable to identity theft.  Additional layers of security can be utilized to identify data that has been accessed, delete sensitive information remotely, and even find a lost or stolen laptop.  Employers cannot afford to rely on the behavior of their employees nor encryption technology to provide the data protection they need according to this study.

Source: Absolute Ponemon,, 27 Apr. 2009

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