Work from Home Sadler Insurance

Are Work-from-Home Employees Covered by Workers Comp?

Looking at risks like slips and falls and other risks Work from home surges under COVID-19 Employees had to quickly figure out the work from home logistics at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that workers have conquered those

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premises liability insurance

The Cost of the CVS Premises Liability Verdict

Underwriters requiring ample security measures by insureds to protect retail customers. CVS hit with $43M liability verdict. Was anyone surprised when CVS Pharmacies announced it would close 900 stores following the upheld verdict in a $43 million premises liability case?

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Did I Just Hire An Employee or An Independent Contractor?

There are clear guidelines on classifying workers that affect your bottom line Independent contractors and employees are a lot to manage as a small business. Small business owners know one of the largest costs of doing business is people costs.

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Small Businesses

EPLI Insurance Critical To Combat COVID And Emerging Risks

COVID-related lawsuits are coming for small businesses The COVID-19 virus has been around for over a year now, but no one expected its impact on small businesses. Those businesses that made it through this far have yet to see some

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employment practices liability insurance

2021: Employment Practices Liability Insurance Rates Climb

Racial discrimination, gender equity, me too, BLM, and COVID are drivers 2020 trends continue to reflect a new level of hysteria in the employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) market for employers from various factors. From racial discrimination to gender inequality,

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small businesses at risk of embezzlement during covid

COVID: Increased Risk Of Embezzlement And Crime Insurance

From Fear to Fraud: How Employees Are Stealing Money During COVID What if you were told that your employees had been embezzling money for the last 14 to 18 months? Would you believe it? According to the head of executive

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2019’s Top Outrageous Lawsuits

Another year of lawsuits and outrageous claims Every new year brings its surprises and this year was no exception. At the end of every calendar year, The Chamber Institute for Legal Reform releases a list of the year’s most outrageous

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self-driving car

Driverless Cars, Lawsuits, and Insurance

Self-driving automobiles’ impact on consumers and insurers In the automotive world of today, insurance providers, car companies and consumers alike are all wondering the same thing, how long before the widespread arrival of self-driving cars? Despite early predictions claiming a

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Armed intruders in houses of worship

Fear of armed intruders in houses of worship

Steps you can take toward lowering the risk of such an event We addressed the topic of armed intruders in businesses and in schools in previous blog posts. Unfortunately, today we’ll be looking at shootings that take place in churches,

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Defamation lawsuits

Tips to Avoid Business Slander/Libel Lawsuits and Liability Coverage

How words actually can hurt you… in the pocket. I often get quizzical looks from small business owners when I mention the importance of Personal and Advertising Injury coverage in a General Liability policy. They don’t realize they may be

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