Construction defect and general liability

When Contractors Perform Their Own Repairs

Good intentions can cause General Liability problems When our contractor clients turn in General Liability claims for property damage arising from past work, they often want to perform their own repairs because they are already familiar with the job and

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Cyber Liability coverage

Advertising Injury Coverage Gaps Can Affect Non-Media Firms

Cyber Liability insurance is required for intellectual infringement protection The 1986 ISO General Liability policy form provided broad coverage for advertising injury for non-media companies. However, due to recent restrictions on advertising injury coverage under a General Liability policy, many

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Cyber Liability Insurance

Use of SpyEye Hacker Software on the Rise

Makes purchase of Cyber Liability insurance a No-brainer The odds are pretty good that a cyber gang will stealthily turn your PC into a bot and use it to carry out all manner of cyber attacks. Security analysts anticipate a

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Construction Defect

S.C. Supreme Court Rules on Protecting Negligent Contractors

S.C. builders can’t be shielded by LLC status The South Carolina Supreme Court ruled on April 4, 2012 in 16 Jade Street v. R. Design Co., LLC, et al.  ruled that a member of a limited liability company, or LLC,

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Homeowner Warranty and construction defects

Builder’s Duty to Homeowner Warranty

Court rules warranty cannot waive duty to build in workmanlike manner The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that a builder’s duty to construct in a workmanlike manner can’t be waived by the terms of a limited homeowner’s warranty agreement between a

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Insurance for Techs – An IT Insurance Company for Today’s Times

Insurance for Techs delivers outstanding performance when it comes to information technology insurance. As an IT insurance company, we believe in client service above and beyond your highest expectations, achieved through a consistent commitment to anticipate and fulfill evolving customer

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Preventing Tech Insurance Claims

6 Security Tips for Preventing Insurance Claims

Security Considerations that Can Prevent Claims Under Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) and General Liability Insurance 1. Adopt as many of the following security elements as feasible: Security firewall Protocols meeting X.509 standards Routers Secure remote dial-up or access Proxy

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Quality control

4 Quality Control Tips that Can Reduce Claims

Over the past several years we have seen an increasing trend of claims resulting from quality control problems. Below are some tips that will help your Professional Liability Insurance and General Liability Insurance underwriters feel more comfortable with your  risk

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Reduce Claims

How to Reduce Claims if You Must Assume Liability in a Contract

The party not in power assumes liabilities Most tech companies enter into contracts with project owners or managers that specify the terms of the work, including which party is responsible when things go wrong. The most common provisions that govern

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Technology Insurance

22 High-risk End Uses of Your Products or Services

They might prevent you from getting General Liability Insurance We have listed below end uses of tech products and services that most General Liability underwriters specializing in tech accounts consider a high risk of litigation.  Unfortunately,  high tech involves high

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