self-driving car

Driverless Cars, Lawsuits, and Insurance

Self-driving automobiles’ impact on consumers and insurers In the automotive world of today, insurance providers, car companies and consumers alike are all wondering the same thing, how long before the widespread arrival of self-driving cars? Despite early predictions claiming a

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Armed intruders in houses of worship

Fear of armed intruders in houses of worship

Steps you can take toward lowering the risk of such an event We addressed the topic of armed intruders in businesses and in schools in previous blog posts. Unfortunately, today we’ll be looking at shootings that take place in churches,

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Defamation lawsuits

Tips to Avoid Business Slander/Libel Lawsuits and Liability Coverage

How words actually can hurt you… in the pocket. I often get quizzical looks from small business owners when I mention the importance of Personal and Advertising Injury coverage in a General Liability policy. They don’t realize they may be

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Why Organizations Hide Sexual Abuse Incidents

What drives organizations to conceal the such vile behavior? The news of yet another sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church sparked fresh outrage. The abuse itself is enough to make your blood boil. But it boggles the mind knowing so

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Gun-carrying teachers: Workers’ Comp carriers OK, so far

Weapons and tactical training are key Workers’ compensation implications come into play when contemplating the practice of arming teachers to respond to the threat of a school shooting. Workplace safety is also an issue. But, for now, the insurance industry

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9 Reasons Why You Must Purchase Cyber Insurance Now

Risks that aren’t on the radar of many small business owners, but should be. We put out a lot of information on cyber crime and the need for Cyber Insurance.  We do it because it’s the world’s fastest growing crime

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Referee abuse

The Ongoing Issue of Referee Abuse in Youth Sports

What’s behind it and what’s the answer? I discussed in a previous post the increasing shortage of youth sports referees. The shortage is due to the increase in verbal abuse and physical threats by players, coaches and parents, and lack

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Hacker for Hire

Cyber Thugs Available for Hire: Protect Yourself

Revenge is the new cyber risk True crime aficionados, there’s a whole new subgenre out there for you: hackers for hire. Yes, you can hire a cyber thug to to wreak havoc on your enemies, be they corporate or personal.

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Phishing scams

Phishing 101: Don’t Be Fooled by Scam Emails

Businesses and individuals need to be aware of phishing scams Email is arguably the world’s best and worst advance in human communications. The ability to send and receive information with ease and speed results in a love-hate relationship with our

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Terrorism in workplace

Active Shooters and Businesses: Risk Management and Insurance

Training and risk management are key in the event of an incident In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting incident, special events coordinators are stepping up their risk management protocols. Such violence represents the potential for personnel and property

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