Sexual harassment at work

Is a Flood of Sexual Harassment Litigation About to Hit Small Business?

Allegations will soon surface in businesses of every size in every industry No industry is immune from the types of sexual harassment complaints currently piling up against entertainment celebrities and political figures. It’s quite clear that women in the workforce

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Ergonomic office desk

Exercise Ball Seating and Standing Desks Falling Out of Favor

Keeping employees physically comfortable at work Do your employees spend long periods of time standing or sitting? Maybe your work environment is pretty hip and encourages casual seating, standing desks, and the occasional power nap? Whatever the case, it’s important

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Sadler Insurance

6 Must-have Insurance Policies Needed to Protect Your Small Business

The policies you need and why you need them Business Owners Policy Every business is susceptible to damage, loss and lawsuits, any of which can cost you dearly.  A BOP policy includes General Liability and Property insurance. Without protection, just

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Special Events

Special Event Liability Exposures Require Customized Insurance Coverages

Take time to consider the real risks   Summer and fall are the most popular seasons for special events like outdoor festivals, concerts, and sports tournaments.  Many employers, non-profits and recreation organization host picnics and fundraisers that involve outdoor activities.

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Wearable technology data

Wearable Tech as Evidence in Criminal and Civil Cases

Overcoming legal hurdles while taking advantage of the benefits Crime show fans know that cops are always able to verify alibis by reviewing phone records. Cell phone activity registers pings on the nearest tower, which proves whether suspects were where

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Liquor liability insurance

Liquor Liability Laws for Restaurants/Bars and Other Servers

State laws may clarify what owners should already be doing Liquor liability laws vary from state to state. Their basic premise is that businesses selling alcohol to visibly intoxicated persons or minors can be held liable if the consumer later

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Ransomware attack

What Should You Do If You’re a Victim of a Ransomware Attack?

Understanding, surviving, and minimizing your risk of cyber extortion We all fear the blue screen of death signaling a fatal system error. Operating computers can be frustrating at the best of times, but we’re sunk when they don’t work at

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Automobile insurance

4 Common Mistakes Automobile Accident Victims Make

Decisions made following an accident can have long-term consequences It’s bad enough when you or one of your family members is involved in an auto accident. Getting through the paperwork, dealing with the insurance companies and possibly recovering from injuries

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Construction defect lawsuits

Documentation Can Save You in Construction Defect Lawsuit

Document retention is the key Every week the media publishes at least one news story about construction defect lawsuits, pending construction defect legislation, or changes in current state laws. The most weight in deciding a construction lawsuit is given to

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Social Media and libel claims

Social Media Posting and the Risk of Libel Lawsuits

Whoever’s writing the social media posts for a business is responsible for keeping things professional. This can be difficult given the provocative images and stories, political rants, and false information that fills everyone’s newsfeed. These often trigger inappropriate responses by

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