Business Equipment Repair Insurance

Businesses that specialize in the repair, maintenance and installations of office machines may perform services either in-house or at the client’s location. Some may also sell office machines. We offer customized Business Equipment Repair Insurance, including General Liability, Property, Crime, Business Auto and more.

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General Liability Insurance for Business Equipment Repair Services

Business machine repair insuranceBusiness equipment repair shops, their owners and technicians need protection from claims that arise on the premises, such as slip, trip and fall accidents. Technicians repairing equipment on-site risk damaging customers’ property. In the event of a lawsuit, General Liability insurance covers any settlements awarded and pays for legal fees – a benefit too many business owners overlook.  Personal and Advertising coverage offers protection against claims of slander, libel or copyright infringements in your marketing products.

Professional Liability Business Equipment Repair Company Owners

Professional Liability insurance (or Errors and Omissions insurance) protects your business against errors and negligence in services provided to your customers. It also covers any attorney fees, courts costs and settlements in the event you have to defend yourself in a lawsuit.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Business Equipment Repair Employees

Workers’ Compensation insurance is required in all 50 states for companies with at least one employee. Employees of business equipment are at risk of injury that may include burns, cuts and back injuries due to heavy lifting. The use of certain tools by inexperienced employees for repairing office machinery can represent a significant loss exposure.

Business Auto Insurance for Business Equipment Repair Companies

Commercial Auto Insurance can cover any passenger car, company van, or a truck that you and your employees use for work-related purposes. Business equipment repair technician likely will be conducting business at the location of their clients and sometimes use a company or private vehicle to run business errands, so automobile accidents are a concern. Non-owned auto insurance coverage can be purchased If employees use their personal vehicles for business-related tasks. Claims for damages or injuries incurred while an employee-owned car is being used for business purposes will not be paid by their personal auto policy.

Property Insurance for Business Equipment Repair Shops

Damages to your business equipment repair shop caused by fire, vandalism, natural disasters, severe weather, or faulty wiring/plumbing can bring your operations to a halt. The definition of property is broad, and includes lost income due to business interruption, buildings, computers, digital files, furnishings and more.

Crime Insurance for Business Equipment Repair Companies

Embezzlement and theft of property by your employees are covered by crime insurance. And dishonest, computer-savvy employee can bypass your security controls to steal funds and retrieve personal, banking or other private information. Theft of client property by your employees or outsiders is also covered.

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