Contractors’ Insurance Annual Checkup

Contractor policy review

What Is It and Why Do I Need It?

Our agency conducts annual insurance checkups for our contractor clients. Many want to know why that’s necessary since updated information is provided in the renewal applications and in numerous phone conversations that occur throughout the year?”

The purpose of the contractor annual insurance checkup is to determine if your current coverages and limits are adequate, to determine if your key employee structure has changed, and to find out if anything new is going on with your business.

Your insurance agent is not necessarily the first contact you think about when you change your operations or buy something new (unless you need proof of insurance). The time to discover you forgot to let us know is NOT after you’ve had a loss.

During the annual insurance checkup, we will review your Workers Compensation, General Liability, Business Auto, Contractors Equipment, Bonds, Umbrella and Builders Risk (if applicable) policies. We’ll make risk management recommendations using our custom checklist tool. We can also provide you with quotes for Life Insurance, Key Man Life Insurance and Group Health Insurance.

As your business grows or operations are downsized, your insurance needs change.  And the education that you’ll receive will likely result in savings on your premium.

Working together, we can help you protect your valuable assets by providing the right coverage at the lowest possible cost.

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