Discrimination lawsuits

Beware Most Common Types of Discrimination Lawsuits

Businesses must be aware of the most common types of discrimination lawsuits in order to guard against costly discrimination actions which can result in not only significant legal defense costs, but also in large settlements or adverse verdicts.. According to

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Drone and insurance claims

Drone (UAV) Use on Construction Sites

Their benefits in risk management and marketing It didn’t take long for the construction industry to figure out just how helpful drones can be. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) offer financial and safety benefits to both the builder and the

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Construction Defect Lawsuits Increasing Nationwide

It’s likely that all contractors will eventually be named in at least one lawsuit Just like everything else, buildings have a lifespan. The ancient ruins of Rome and Greece prove that. Regardless of the methods or materials used in construction,

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Small business insurance

New Employee vs Independent Contractor 6-Point Test

New internet economy requires new test The U.S. Department of Labor has published a 6-part test to help guide employers in classifying workers as independent contractors or employees. The guide is a result of the the shift in demand for

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Employee Theft

Small Businesses and Employee Theft

Losses to business can be staggering Business owners want to trust their employees, especially those who have been on board for years and have become “part of the family.”  The 2015 Hiscox Embezzlement Watchlist  revealed that smaller companies suffer the

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Construction Defect

Construction Defect Defense Strategy

Get insurer’s approval before you settle. Before settling any construction defect claims, contractors are cautioned to first get their General Liability insurer’s approval. Without the insurer’s approval, contractors risk claim denial, which means the insurer won’t reimburse any settlement amount

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Architectural Insurance

Architects and Construction Defects

Court rules they’re liable despite unauthorized changes to plans A recent California Supreme Court ruling may result in fewer architects designing residential projects. Earlier this year ,the court ruled in Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, LLP, that the principal architect of

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Construction defect

The Cost of Concealing Construction Defects

The potential consequences of an attempted defense The high cost and low profit margins of the current home construction market make it tempting for contractors and subcontractors to conceal defects in order to complete work on time and within budget.

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Distracted driving

Distracted Drivers and Rising Workers’ Comp Claims

What are your employees doing behind the wheel? Our article “Employee Drivers: A Work-related Risk,”  covered the rise in claims from traffic accidents involving employee drivers. Such accidents are among the leading causes of high-severity Workers’ Compensation injuries.  According to

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Housing market rise

Post-recession Homebuilding Market on the Rise

So what’s the problem? Residential construction is predicted to continue growing over the next five years. As the economy continues to rebound from the 2008 crisis, this rise in building is attributed to low interest rates and demands from consumers

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