Contractor general liability

Contractor General Liability in a Bad Economy

Should a contractor let the policy expire to save money? As a result of the recent housing slowdown, some home builders have put a hold on new construction activity.  They often struggle with the decision about whether or not to renew their General

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S.C. Supreme Court contractor ruling

S.C. Supreme Rules on Work Comp for Illegal Aliens

The South Carolina Supreme Court ruled that illegal immigrants injured on the job are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits The court ruled that allowing Workers’ Compensation benefits for illegal aliens does not violate federal law and not allowing such benefits

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Contractor Insurance

Consequences of Decreases in Building Activity

Decreases often trigger a rise in losses According to Insurance Journal Magazine, dramatic increases or decreases in residential and commercial building activity growth could trigger a rise in construction defect or Workers’ Compensation claims. States that are noted to be

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