Construction defect

The Cost of Concealing Construction Defects

The potential consequences of an attempted defense The high cost and low profit margins of the current home construction market make it tempting for contractors and subcontractors to conceal defects in order to complete work on time and within budget.

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Distracted driving

Distracted Drivers and Rising Workers’ Comp Claims

What are your employees doing behind the wheel? Our article “Employee Drivers: A Work-related Risk,”  covered the rise in claims from traffic accidents involving employee drivers. Such accidents are among the leading causes of high-severity Workers’ Compensation injuries.  According to

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Housing market rise

Post-recession Homebuilding Market on the Rise

So what’s the problem? Residential construction is predicted to continue growing over the next five years. As the economy continues to rebound from the 2008 crisis, this rise in building is attributed to low interest rates and demands from consumers

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Small business insurance

Every Small Business Needs Cyber Insurance

Protecting your assets in our digital world We’re all aware of the recent headline-making news stories of data breaches at large companies such as Target, eBay and Michael’s. In fact, many of us of have probably been affected by those

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Certificates of Insurance

Collecting Certificates of Insurance from Subcontractors

Doing so the proper way prevents future headaches Are you collecting certificates of insurance from your subs and then filing them away, never to be seen again?  It’s important to know there is a proper way to go about collecting

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Sadler Insurance

Annual Re-evaluation of Your Insurance Program

Both you and your agent have a responsibility to ensure proper coverage A good insurance agent never wants to hear a client or potential client say “Just duplicate what coverage I already have.” And if the agent does hear those

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Workers' Compensation for subcontractors

How to Properly Deduct from Uninsured Subcontractors

Making deductions can be complicated and one mistake can be costly. Doing things right from the get go is the key when making deductions or withholdings from uninsured subcontractors. I can’t stress enough the importance of this function as one

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Predicting Risk of Loss from Natural Hazards

Assessment tool can help predict and mitigate losses due to damage There’s no lack of stories in the news about severe weather and other natural phenomena that cause injury and damage to people, businesses and communities. Geography and climate are

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The Upward Trend in Usage-based Insurance

Privacy concerns are taking a backseat Telematics, the wireless communication systems that can track driving habits, locations, gasoline consumption and more, are making a big impact in insurance rates. The benefits and savings telematics provide in usage-based insurance (UBI) are

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Construction worker making notes on home building plans.

9 Ways to Save Big on the Cost of Your Home Builders Insurance Policy

The average insurance agency is just not equipped to handle the special insurance needs of a homebuilder. Here are nine quick tips that will show you how you can save big on your home builder’s insurance and make sure you

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