Construction worker making notes on home building plans.

9 Ways to Save Big on the Cost of Your Home Builders Insurance Policy

The average insurance agency is just not equipped to handle the special insurance needs of a homebuilder. Here are nine quick tips that will show you how you can save big on your home builder’s insurance and make sure you

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Employee Drivers: a Work-related Risk

What’s driving up claims? Do your employees, contractors and/or volunteers drive company or personal vehicles for business purposes? Accidents can occur to anyone while driving to a sales meeting, job site, conference, business lunch or the post office. Your drivers,

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Construction Defects and Mistakes

What should the contractor do? Finding a defect or mistake in completed work poses a dilemma for contractors. There are two choices they can make: Risk liability by ignoring the problem; or Risk destruction of evidence by fixing the problem

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Why Join a Home Builder Association?

What your HBA has to offer Many of my customers ask me why they should join their local home builder association and what they would be getting for their money. At first glance, all they see are membership fees, monthly meetings and dinners. 

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Workplace Safety Policy Includes a Return-to-Work Plan

Safety policies aren’t just about preventing injuries. Preventing injuries on the job site is the goal of any workplace safety policy. But did you know you can also prevent unnecessary costs by developing a return-to-work program in your company’s safety

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Builder’s gross negligence ends in $20.8 million award

The price of unconscionable conduct A Texas homeowner was awarded $20.8 million in a lawsuit against Bishop Abbey Homes Ltd. and the owner of the company. In the suit, the homeowner stated that the defendants reneged on their promise to

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Insurance Audit

Surviving the Dreaded Insurance Audit (Infographic)

Being proactive is the key to a painless audit The word audit can strike fear in the in the heart of any business owner. However, educating yourself and your bookkeeping staff on the process and keeping good records throughout the

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Contruction defects

Architect jailed for improper fireplace installation

Cases of architects being prosecuted for criminal negligence are rare, but architects should be concerned about a recent case that led to the death of a firefighter.  Architect violates code when installing fireplace  A California architect was given a one-year

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Occupational Safety Regulations

Safety Costs to Soar Over New OSHA Regulations

New guidelines being proposed on exposure to toxic silica Safety costs will soar for construction companies if a proposed Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulation requiring tighter limits on toxic silica exposure goes into effect. According to OSHA, inhalation

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Limits of Liability

Home Inspector Dodges Liability

Limitation of liability provision in contract holds up The S.C. Supreme Court upheld the limitation of liability clause in a home inspector’s contract ,which limited his liability to $475 (the cost of the services rendered).  The court found that the

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