Roofing contractor

Contractors and On-the-Job Heat Illness

Signs, symptoms and prevention tips We see you out there building our homes, paving our roads and maintaining our infrastructure. As a contractor, there isn’t much that slows you down. When a job is on the line, you and your

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Insurance lapse ends ends in lawsuit disaster

Invalid Insurance Leads to Lawsuit in Building Collapse

Expired policy and misrepresentation end in disaster for contractor Six people were killed and another 14 were injured as the result of a building collapse in Philadelphia on June 6, 2013. A neighboring Salvation Army thrift store was also crushed.

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Hold Harmless and Indemnification

Beware Hold Harmless and Indemnification Provisions

It pays to read and understand the contract you sign Contractors often enter into contracts with third parties such as project owners, subcontractors, equipment lessors, landlords, municipalities, etc. that include hold harmless and indemnification provisions. Such a provision requires that

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A Case for HBW 2-10 Warranty

Why not all the criticism is justified The HBW 2-10 and other home owner warranty products have been criticized for, among other things, not being broad enough in their coverage and not paying out enough in claim dollars. The authors

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Business Auto insurance

Top Traffic Ticket Excuses

How they impact commercial Auto Insurance Ignorance may be bliss, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to get you or your staff out of a ticket.  Police officers have heard every excuse in the books, so much so that they

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Contractor Insurance

3 Remodeling Safety Tips

And how they result in more client referrals Your professionalism as a remodeler can go a long way toward customer satisfaction and can lead to more referrals. Successful remodelers with happy customers follow these tips: Safety Tip #1: Communicate Offering

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Construction Defect

SC Statute Defining “Occurrence” Upheld

How this affects builders In Harleysville Mutual Insurance Co. v. South Carolina, (opinion 27189, November 21, 2012), the South Carolina Supreme Court left intact a state law that redefines an “occurrence” under a builder’s General Liability policy. The court ruled

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S.C. Workers' Compensation Commision

System Notifies Builders of Lapsed Work Comp

Tracking eases administrative burden A joint program developed by the Home Builders Association of South Carolina and the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission offers an automated system that will notify a general contractor upon midterm lapse of its subcontractor’s Workers’ Compensation

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Occupational Safety Regulations

Job Site Visitors Put Your Business at Risk

Tips for a safe visit As a General Contractor you understand the construction site and the dangers that can be found when building a home. Unfortunately, you and your team of supervisors and subcontractors are not the only people who

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Contractor lawsuit

Can One Insured Sue Another Under General Liability?

A common contractual requirement for a contractor is to remove the cross-liability exclusion under a General Liability policy. This exclusion deals with whether or not one insured can sue another insured. Under older versions of ISO policy forms, such a

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