Crematory Insurance

Whether you own a human or pet crematorium, it’s critical that your business is protected with the proper insurance program. Crematory Insurance offers you peace of mind that you, your employees and the business you built are protected from claims that have the potential to bankrupt you. We offer custom Crematory Insurance tailored for the industry, including General Liability, Business Auto, Property, Worker’s Comp and more.

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Crematory Services InsuranceGeneral Liability Insurance for Crematoriums

When families and pet owners of the deceased visit crematories they are susceptible to injuries especially if they are in fragile emotional states. Other visitors to your business, such as delivery people, maintenance workers and service technicians, can also sustain injuries.

General Liability also protects against property damage in the event something goes wrong during the cremation process. There are cases of families suing crematoriums because their loved one was mistakenly cremated rather than buried or the wrong remains being handed over to survivors in error.

Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) Insurance for Crematoriums

Legal costs are covered by Professional Liability if you’re sued for errors in oversight or failing in your service efforts. Mistake lawsuits can occur when crematory employees do not handle the bodies of the deceased as per the family’s wishes. Lawsuits of this kind can be serious since mistakes can cause emotional distress to families.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Crematories

Workers’ Compensation risks are primarily injuries that could occur during the cremation process, such as burns from the use of a furnace. However, employees can hurt themselves in other ways, such as tripping, falling down stairs, straining muscles from heavy lifting, etc.

Business Auto Insurance for Crematories

Auto accident liability is a concern if crematory employees pick up bodies and deliver the remains to and from funeral homes and residences, and if vehicles are used for other business purposes such as running errands and attending conferences. Business Auto covers company-owned vehicles and may be extended to non-owned and hired autos.

Property Insurance for Crematoriums 

Since crematories use large furnaces that reach very high temperatures, there is a risk of property damage resulting from a furnace overheating and fires. In addition, the property is at risk from catastrophic weather, faulty plumbing or electrical wiring, vandalism, and other factors. For example, a large tree could topple over in high winds, damaging the roof or other areas of the building. Property Insurance covers the cost of repairs and replacement of contents that may be ruined. If damage to the property is severe enough to halt operations, Property Insurance covers the loss of income until operations can resume.

Crime Insurance for Crematories 

Crime Insurance covers theft of money or property by dishonest employees, whether through embezzlement or outright stealing.

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