Data Floating In Cyberspace

Cybe risk insurance

Do you know how much of your organization’s data is sitting in cyberspace? Vital information about your company and your employees is seeping out and probably into the wrong hands.

There are laws in place that require companies to notify customers if their data may have been compromised.  Such compriomises not only damage the company’s reputation, but in some states, a company that neglects to inform an individual of possible identity infringement may face civil liability, regulatory and legal costs.

Timothy Sullivan, FIdelis Security Systems founder and executive chairman, has developed a risk management method that moves the focus from “intrusion” to “extrusion” prevention. Sullivan states that the way companies handle the personal data of their clients and employees is of utmost importance.

FSS’s XPS is the only one that runs at speeds high enough to thwart the unauthorized transfer of sensitive data on all network channels, according to Sullivan.  The system provides content security to all e-mails, file transfers, and peer communications. Evidence of extrusions can be obtained to enforce laws that control privacy and financial data integrity, says Sullivan

“Ninety-eight percent of computer investment today involves trying to prevent people from getting into a system. We believe some of that money would be well spent in trying to keep information from getting out.”

Source: Greg Davis. Rough Notes Magazine, April 2009.

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