22 High-risk End Uses of Your Products or Services

Technology Insurance

They might prevent you from getting General Liability Insurance

We have listed below end uses of tech products and services that most General Liability underwriters specializing in tech accounts consider a high risk of litigation.  Unfortunately,  high tech involves high risk, so it’s important for you to be fully aware of how your risk is viewed by insurance underwriters. Rejection is not clear-cut and there may be stipulations to specific instances.

Nevertheless, the core tenets behind declining the application would directly relate to what we have listed below.

  1. Environmental controls for heat, refrigeration, flame ignition or suppression
  2. Liquid level controls and pressure gauges
  3. Automated test equipment or process control equipment
  4. Manufacturing process/controls (robotics, factory automation, computer aided manufacturing)
  5. Critical parts of aircraft, autos, watercraft, trains, trucks or other transportation equipment or controls
  6. Athletic, medical or flotation equipment
  7. Safety or alarm equipment, systems, processes or parts (fire, security, emergency)
  8. Computer Aided Design (CAD) (This does not apply if you use CAD in designing computer systems It only applies when you sell CAD for use by your customers.)
  9. Scientific/weather (seismology, etc.)
  10. Utility/natural resource process (oil and gas, power, nuclear, waste disposal, etc.)
  11. Medical purposes (diagnostics, patient care, biotech, non-administrative)
    This refers to medical/healthcare operations or equipment, not to associated business functions such as accounting, billing, appointment scheduling or general office management.
  12. Chemical processing
  13. Financial software (funds transfer, trading, financial modeling)
  14. Aerospace, aircraft
  15. Computer security system advice/product diagnostics, encryption, vulnerability assessments or penetration testing (This does not apply if you are merely systems integrator and install security system software manufactured by others. Example: firewall, anti-virus from Norton or McAfee.)
  16. Pollution, environmental testing and remediation
  17. Agriculture/mining
  18. Machinery/equipment control (control of operating/moving parts of machinery, equipment, toys or appliances)
  19. Military defense (weapons procurement, guidance systems, tracking, etc.)This refers to military/defense operations or applications (such as weapons procurement, ballistic missile technology) not to general office management such as general accounting or non-weapons, non-combat related procurement.
  20. Staffing for temporary employees who do not perform “tech related” services
  21. Gaming machines or programs
  22. Computer aided mapping services

If you have questions about this list of other end uses of product, give us a call at 800-622-7370. A Sadler insurance expert will be happy to answer our questions and discuss your unique insurance needs.

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