Specialty Areas

Youth baseball insuranceSports Insurance

Regardless of the role you play in the sports or recreational event, you face some unique risks. Your financial well-being depends on how well you minimize risk and how protected you are for the times that risk becomes reality.

Product Liability insurance for dietary supplementsProduct Distributors & Manufacturers Insurance

It only takes one product-related lawsuit to create financial ruin in your business. A products liability insurance policy is designed to protect you against claims that are common in the products manufacturing and distribution industry.

product liability insurance for Technology firmsTechnology Firms

One small mistake can lead to a chain reaction of hardware or software problems. Our technology insurance policies are customized so that you don’t pay for additional unnecessary coverages, and every dollar you spend is for coverage that you DO need.

Small business insuranceSmall Business Insurance

Small business owners face many risks of having a claim filed against them. For many small businesses, the legal fees involved in responding to a claim can be devastating. Having adequate small business insurance is critical to your success.

Construction Special Trade ContractorsHome Builders & Remodelers

As a contractor, your livelihood depends on your ability to see new projects through to a successful completion. Protect your business against the risks that can suddenly derail a project and prevent you from fulfilling the contract as agreed upon.

Long term disability insuranceLife, Disability, Long-term Care & Fixed Annuities

We can handle all your life, disability, long-term care and fixed annuity insurance needs whether they are simple or complex or paid for by individuals or companies. We offer expert advice and fast quote turnaround times.

Protect Your Business from the Unexpected with
SADLER’s Unique Industry Specific Coverage

What’s the main difference in Sadler & Company and other insurance agencies?

Simply put, we go above and beyond the extra mile to find insurance carriers who offer policies that are uniquely written to address the risks and situations that specialized industries face.

Have an amateur sports organization?  We partner with insurance carriers that offer policies designed specifically to provide coverage against claims that are common to sports organizations.  This is important because frequently policies have exclusions and limitations that automatically withhold coverage in situations that are commonplace for sports organizations.

For example, did you know that accidents where the insured organization is transporting volunteers, employees, athletes, or fans in a 15 passenger van would not normally be covered?  Of course, in a sports environment, it’s not uncommon for a large van to be transporting passengers to or from games or practices.  Many organizations or leagues, however, don’t even realize their insurance has this exclusion until it’s too late!

Not only do we make sure we partner with carriers who already have policies that are ideally suited to specialty niches, but we then thoroughly review the policies to identify clauses, limitations, exclusions, limits, or other terms that would not be adequate coverage for our customers.  Our goal is to provide the optimal amount of coverage for the best rate… not additional coverage that seems valuable but in actuality will never be applicable to our customer’s business, and certainly not inadequate coverage that doesn’t account for the risks and needs faced by our customers.

This same vetting process is performed for each of our specialty niches: technology professionals, small business owners, products manufacturing or distributing companies, builders and contractors, and of course sports organizations.

Builders & Remodelers: the cornerstone of Sadler & Company

Sadler & Company was built on the vision of supplying builders and contractors with policies that addressed the liabilities faced by builders and contractors.  Before our agency was formed, the only policies available to builders and building contractors were the standard form General Liability policies.  Our founder, John Sadler, recognized that these standard policies had significant inadequacies for home builders and small contractors.  The problems in coverage lay both with having additional coverages in the policy that drove the premiums up but were actually unnecessary for the building industry, and in exclusions and limitations that prevented builders from getting coverage they needed.

Our company was founded specifically to supply customized policies to the building industry that bridged the gaps that the standard policies left.  We have continued to focus our energy into offering customized, reliable policies to the builders and contractors industry.

Sadler & Company’s focus on technology professionals insurance policies

As a leading technology writer and expert, the president of Sadler & Company offers a uniquely expert perspective on insurance for tech professionals.  His knowledge and expertise in the tech industry sets the standard for all of our technology insurance representatives.  Our experienced, trained tech insurance experts know how to answer your questions about insurance, because they know your industry.

Our policies for tech professionals offer impeccable coverage for professional liability, and each policy is written by carriers that are rated “A” or higher by A.M. Best.

Small business insurance from Sadler

Sadler & Company is passionate about small business and our policies reflect that.  With the unique liabilities, risks, and situations that small business owners face as our focal point, we find insurance carriers who know small business and write insurance policies specifically designed for business owners.  This includes Professional Liability, General Liability, and more. Our focus is to help you get the business coverage you need to help you address the risks and vulnerabilities you face as a business owner.

We offer top of the line coverage at affordable rates, and we provide outstanding risk management resources to help you avoid and manage the liabilities you face.

We make Products Liability insurance easy

For companies that work with products manufacturing, distributing, reselling, repairing, or wholesaling, finding a solid insurance policy can be challenging.  We offer sound Products Liability insurance policies that protect against law suits and claims against products-based companies.  With Sadler & Company, you’ll find the best products liability insurance policies available, at the best rates available, with no minimum sales volume or business size requirement.

We offer expert advice, contract review, coverage audits, and risk management services to help you get your business protected across the board.

Amateur sports & recreation organizations policies – our agency’s passion

Sadler & Company has worked hard to find the most effective, reliable policies for the sports and recreation specialty niches.  We continue to reach for excellence in the carriers we partner with, choosing only the best rated carriers by A.M. Best and those with policies that we are allowed to customize.

We remove restrictive terms and exclusions, and negotiate the best rate possible so you can have sound, affordable insurance coverage.