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As a contractor, your livelihood depends on your ability to see new projects through to a successful completion.  But a variety of obstacles can make that challenging… theft of materials, vandalism to the under construction project, inclement weather that delays construction – or worse, damages the structure under construction; all regular occurrences that can prevent you from fulfilling the contract as agreed upon in the time frame specified.

Those risks are all incidents that can happen to affect a single job; consider too the General Liability risks contractors face.  Medical claims due to a sub-contractor being injured on the job; civil suits due to faulty workmanship that led to property damage or injury; and lawsuits claiming that you did not perform the construction as agreed upon are all examples of broad risks contractors face.

A single lawsuit can drag you into an expensive, time-consuming, stressful legal battle that could last for years.

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What policies do builders and contractors need to have in place?

While each builder is different, certain risks are nearly universal to the building industry.  The following policies are those we typically recommend builders and contractors have in place to have full financial protection:

Builders Risk Coverage

This type of coverage is one of the most crucial for a builder to have.  Builders Risk insurance provides coverage for the duration of a single project against theft, vandalism, acts of God, collapse, and more.  This is a job-to-job policy and should be purchased before work is commenced on any job site.

Equipment Floater Insurance

Equipment Floater insurance provides coverage for equipment that is transported from location to location.  This is key for contractors, since many of their tools and machinery is not stationary in a shop, but rather goes with the builder to the job site he is currently working on.

Installation Floater Insurance

Similar to the Equipment Floater insurance, the Installation Floater insurance policy provides coverage for materials that will be installed on a structure.  This could include cabinets, roofing supplies, flooring, or other materials that are not fixed and will be installed to become a permanent addition to a property.

Business Auto Insurance

Commercial auto is important in any business.  As a builder, one of your primary responsibilities is to travel from your office to job site locations in your vehicle or in a company vehicle.  A small accident can turn into hefty auto repair invoices.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability is of course the most commonly purchased insurance policy, and for good reason.  This type of policy protects against certain claims related to property damage, bodily injury, or personal/advertising injury that was somehow related to your operations.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Comp is a state mandated insurance policy.  It protects your employees and employees of your uninsured sub-contractors who are injured, regardless of who is at fault.

Property Insurance

Property insurance for builders does not cover project properties – these would be covered by builders risk insurance.  Instead, Property Insurance covers any property that is rented, leased, or owned by the business.

Umbrella Liability

For contractors with significant assets to protect, an Umbrella Liability policy might be needed.  This type of policy extends the limits typically provided for under General Liability, Business Auto, and Workers’ Compensation policies.