Small Business Insurance

Lawsuits Filed against Small Businesses are on the Rise… Does Your General Liability Insurance Protect You?

A small business owner faces many risks of having a claim filed against them: negligence based bodily injury or property damage, slander, negligent advice, and employment based offenses (such as discrimination) are just a handful of situations (or alleged situations) that can result in a claim.  More policies are needed to protect against these risks than just General Liability.

For many small business owners, the legal fees involved even in settling a claim can be staggering – enough to weaken or even destroy the financial success of a business.

Lawsuits can be filed for any reason, and small business owners often find themselves spending tens of thousands of dollars to respond to and defend against a claim that has been filed against them.

Legal expenses add up quickly, and even if your small business prevails, you still lose.  Regardless of the outcome, responding to lawsuits can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.

And with some small business owners, your personal assets can be at risk if your business is served with a lawsuit.

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3 Easy Steps to Getting the Small Business Insurance Coverage You Need

As passionate as we are about small businesses, here at Sadler & Company our mission is to help your business get the coverage it needs to have as little exposure as possible.  Not only do we offer rock solid coverage at affordable prices, but we take our commitment to your success a step further and offer valuable risk management resources to help you avoid the common pitfalls that can open you up for additional risk of claims.

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Who needs small business insurance?

Any small business professional needs protection against potential claims that can arise.  Business owners with a public location risk slip-and-fall lawsuits, for example, would be protected with General Liability insurance in that sense.  Small business professionals who offer services – like accounting services, consulting services, or other professional service – face the daunting risk of being served with a claim of professional negligence that resulted in financial loss or damage.

Small businesses typically do not have millions of dollars that can be allocated to legal expenses, so it is potentially a financial devastating situation if a business is served with a lawsuit.

We provide policies to all types of small businesses, including the following niches:

Financial Services

Technology or IT Firms

Business & Professional Services





All Other Business Types (Limited Eligibility)

Other niches include attorneys, accountants, consultants, marketing professionals, PR agents, architects, and other professionals.

What’s included in a small business insurance policy?

We work with each of our customers to determine unique needs for their business.  This way, you get exactly the coverage you need – no more and no less.

For most small businesses, General Liability will be a necessity.  This type of insurance is commonly required by landlords, lenders, and clients, and provides the most coverage for the broadest scope of risks a small business faces.

Professional service providers will also need Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) Insurance.  This type of policy protects against claims of mistakes when providing service or advice to your clients.

For businesses with a storefront or office, commercial property insurance will typically be needed; in the same manner, businesses that operate vehicles for business purposes need to carry commercial auto insurance.

Small businesses that employ three or more employees are required to carry Workers’ Compensation under most state laws.

For businesses that face the potential of very large claims, or for businesses with more value in assets to protect, an Umbrella Insurance policy may be needed.  This type of policy allows for greater limits to be paid out – more than can be offered in standard policies (as described above).

Our professional small business insurance experts are happy to help you identify the specific policies that are needed for your business, to keep you from paying for coverage you don’t need and to help you make sure you minimize all of the varied risks your business faces.