Advertising Agency Insurance

Advertising agencies face the same risks as most other small media businesses. There are, however, risks particular to these advertising agencies. This is why we offer custom-tailored Advertising Agency insurance programs, including General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Errors & Omissions, Property, Crime and more.

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Advertising agency insuranceGeneral Liability Insurance for Advertising Companies

Every business that welcomes visitors onto the property is at risk for slip/trip/fall and other accidents that could result in serious injuries. A client could slip on a wet floor, an icy walkway or frayed door mat resulting in a costly injury and even a lawsuit. These types of accidents can also occur during an off-site photo/video shoot. For example, if a model trips on the cords of the lighting equipment used in a photo shoot, he or she could sustain injuries that require costly medical treatment. And if an overloaded electrical outlet results in a fire at the premises of others, that would be covered as well.

Errors & Omissions Insurance for Advertising Companies

Since the activities of advertising agencies involve making claims about products, the chances of a lawsuit occurring in the case of a false or misleading claim are high. For example, an ad claiming use of a dietary supplement will result in weight loss could face customer lawsuits alleging of false claims. Lawsuits could also take place if advertising agencies infringe upon copyright or trademark laws. Using copyrighted content or images without permission can result in a costly lawsuit, including attorney fees and court costs accrued prior to a judgment or settlement.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Advertising Agencies

Employee injuries in this industry are typically from the heavy usage of computers, lifting of heavy equipment, and slip/trip/fall accidents. Injuries may also occur during off-site meetings and photo or video shoots. Eye and hand/wrist/neck/shoulder strain are frequently seen computer-related claims. An employee moving heaving furniture or equipment can suffer a back injury that requires costly treatment, including surgery and rehabilitative therapy.

Business Auto Insurance for Advertising Companies 

Advertising agencies face accident risks whether company-owned, rented or employee-owned vehicles are driven for business activities. An agent driving to a meeting in a company car could be hit by an uninsured driver who ran a red light resulting in damage to the vehicle. Or an administrative assistant running office errands might hit another car in the post office parking lot. Coverage for company-owned vehicles is provided for any third-party liability as well as damage to company-owned vehicles.

Property Insurance for Advertising Companies

All businesses are at risk for damages resulting from events such as theft, fire, and weather destruction. Or a burst water pipe could result in flooding. If the flooding takes place on a top floor, there could be damage to the ceilings on lower floors. Repairs and replacement of any damaged property can be quite costly. In addition, the business may not function until the ruined floors, ceilings, pipes, equipment and furniture are repaired. Property Insurance covers the loss of income while the business is closed for repairs.

Crime Insurance for Advertising Agencies 

Employee embezzlement and theft of property is covered by crime insurance. Computer savvy bookkeepers or other dishonest employees can circumvent the security controls to steal funds. Expensive equipment such as cameras, art supplies, and computers loaded with design software are also at risk of being stolen.

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