Barbershop and Beauty Salon Insurance

Beauty salons and barbershops are exposed to the same property and casualty loss risks as other businesses. But they also face specific exposures specific related to their services  and products, which is why we offer Barbershop and Beauty Salon insurance programs tailored to the unique needs of this industry, including General Liability, Worker’s Compensation, Property, Crime, Professional and more.

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Beauty salons and barbershops are hubs in any community. Not only do we require their services on a regular basis, but we love the camaraderie and pampering they offer us. Beauty parlors and barbershops are generally happy, upbeat places we enjoy visiting where we don’t mind spending our money. However, accidents can happen anywhere to anyone, and no business can please all its customers all the time.


Barbershop and Beauty Salon InsuranceGeneral Liability Barbershop and Beauty Salon Insurance

All businesses with employees and that invite the public onto the premises face risks associated with trip/slip/fall and other accidents. But hairdressers deal directly with the health and safety of their customers. It’s not uncommon for beauticians and barbers to also face injury claims specific to the services they render such as hair dyeing, perming, straightening, waxing, electrolysis, manicures, pedicures, tanning, ear piercing, and/or massages. Most of these services require the use of chemical products and certain appliances, such as curling irons and razors and it’s not unusual for burns and other injuries to occur through their use. Such injuries can be the result of an accident (a spill or allergic reaction) and give rise to injury claims. The business, the owner and the beautician or barber who rendered the service can be named in the lawsuit.

Claims can even be made for injuries that take place off premises. For instance, if a customer purchases a product from your shop and suffers an adverse reaction from its use in their home, they may make a claim against you for improper instruction on use or failure to warn of possible side effects. Product Liability is included in General Liability policy.

Professional Liability Barbershop and Beauty Salon Insurance

This is sometimes called Errors & Omissions Insurance. Hair stylists and barbers are subject to government regulations that ensure sanitary conditions and competent work. They may face lawsuits if they make mistakes while servicing customers. An example would be a customer suing for damages claiming you provided a haircut, color or style that prevented him or her from being hired for a job.

Barbershop insuranceWorkers’ Compensation Insurance for Beauty Parlors and Barbershops

The chances of on-the-job injuries occurring in hair salons may be low, but can include repetitive motion, back, and leg injuries. Employees can also suffer adverse reactions to the chemicals used in the beauty treatments if they come into contact with their skin or eyes. And employees can, of course, can suffer injuries from falls due to wet floors, floor mats, electrical cords and other objects.

Property Insurance for Hair Styling Salons

The premises and contents of any business are at risk for damage from storms, wind, vandalism and fire, among other factors. The use of curling irons, hair dryers, and other heat producing equipment as well as flammable chemical products will increase the already existing fire risks. If a lightning strike damages the electrical system, the cost of repairs will be covered, as will the cost of replacing any damaged equipment.

Crime Insurance for Barbershops and Hair Salons

Theft by employees or others is a real risk at barbershops and hair salons due to the amount of cash received every day and nature of the products sold. If a dishonest employee is dipping into the cash register or stealing products to sell to friends and family, a Crime Policy will cover the loss.

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