Copy and Duplicating Service Insurance

Copy and print shops serve a wide variety of customers who require timely, aesthetic, and accurate documents and signage. Your customers need the materials you produce and have high expectations of the work you do for them. We offer your business protection with custom Copy and Duplication Services Insurance programs that include General Liability, E&O, Property, Worker’s Compensation, and more.

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General Liability Insurance for Copy and Print Shops

Insurance for Copy and Print shopInjuries sustained to visitors to your office are covered by a General Liability policy. In addition to customer walk-ins, you will have delivery people, service technicians, and vendors coming and going. If such a person were to get hurt or their property damaged you could be liable. For instance, a copy paper vendor who trips and falls over materials you have lined up near a doorway could be severely injured. General Liability will cover his medical expenses and your legal defense costs if he files a lawsuit against your company.

General Liability also protects you and your company against lawsuits by others claiming damage to reputation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, and misappropriation of advertising concepts.

Professional Liability Insurance for Copy and Duplication Services

You or your employees may risk being sued if the work you do proves to be faulty or of poor quality and causes harm in any way to their clients. For example, if a client fails to get a contract because the presentation materials they hired you to produce were not ready by the deadline, you can be sued.

Customers aren’t always justified in the claims they make alleging professional errors on the part of you or your employees. Nevertheless, Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Errors & Omissions, will cover the costs of the legal defense against such lawsuits, which can be quite high and can actually bankrupt your business.

Business Auto Insurance for Copy and Print Services 

Employees of copy and duplicating services may travel to deliver materials to their customers or run business errands, and that puts them at risk for auto accidents. For instance, say an employee is delivering several cartons of business promotional materials to a customer. If he runs a red light and hits another car, your Business Auto policy will cover damages to both vehicles, as well bodily injury to third parties. Whether your employees drive a company-owned vehicle or their personal vehicle, a Business Auto policy may cover your liability for bodily injury or property damage.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Copy & Duplicating Services

You or your employees may be injured on the job, when running business errands, and/or while on clients’ premises. The use of electrical equipment, including cutting tools increases the potential for risks on the job. Most states require business to carry Worker’s Compensation. Workers’ Comp covers medical costs of the injured person and any wages lost during his or her period of recuperation.

Property Insurance for Copy and Print Shops 

Property damage for the space you rent or own can result from vandalism, severe weather conditions, combustible materials such as copying or cleaning products, or faulty plumbing or electrical wiring. For example, high winds from a thunderstorm or hurricane could send objects crashing into your storefront window, which in turn could result in water damage and leaves, limbs and other debris entering the building. Property insurance covers the cost of repairs to the building and replacement of damaged equipment and other contents, as well as lost income if the business cannot operate while repairs are being made.

Crime Insurance for Copy & Duplicating Services

A Crime Insurance policy covers embezzlement of funds and theft of money or property by your employees.

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