Dental Laboratory Insurance

Dental laboratories produce dentures, crowns, bridges, artificial teeth and orthodontic appliances for dentistry professionals. You have a lot invested in your dental lab, and it’s important to have the proper insurance program so that you, your employees and the business  are protected from claims that could bankrupt you. We offer custom Dental Laboratory Insurance tailored for the industry, including General Liability, Professional Liability, Business Auto, Property, Worker’s Compensation and more.

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Dental Laboratory InsuranceGeneral Liability Insurance for Dental Labs

General Liability covers claims made by third parties, such as clients and vendors who claim you or one of your employees caused them either bodily harm or property damage. The biggest liability concern of dental laboratories is product liability. For example, lawsuits could arise if artificial teeth and related products injure consumers or do not fit properly. Or visitors to your dental laboratory such as a courier or service repair person could trip and fall, sustaining an injury that requires costly medial attention.

Professional Liability Insurance for Dental Laboratories

This covers errors made by technicians in the design and construction of products, which can result in expensive lawsuits. The risk is especially high for dental laboratories if workers do not have adequate training or experience. Professional Liability is also known as Errors & Omissions and is critical in the event a mistake or negligence on your part should cause someone to experience a financial loss. Even if the mistake is only perceived, defending against such allegations can be extremely expensive and actually bankrupt you.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Dental Labs

Insurance for Dental laboratoriesDental laboratory workers can sustain injuries from exposure to dust and chemicals or when using laboratory equipment. Employees, of course, can also hurt themselves by tripping, lifting heavy objects, or in any number of ways during every day activities. Most states require businesses to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

Property Insurance for Dental Laboratories 

One property damage risk particular to dental labs is the improper use of the small furnaces used in the molten metal and vulcanizing processes. Property damage to buildings typically results from severe weather such as hail or high winds, faulty electrical wiring or plumbing, fire, and vandalism. Property Insurance covers the cost of repairs and/or replacement of damaged property, including equipment, customers’ existing dentures and appliances, signage, and files. 

Crime Insurance for Dental Labs 

The primary crime risk at dental laboratories is employees who steal money or property. Bookkeepers can embezzle funds or workers can take equipment or office supplies. Property losses resulting from crimes committed by people outside of your organization are covered under Property Insurance

Business Auto Insurance for Dental Laboratories

Auto accident liability is a concern when workers drive to conduct business such as making deliveries, running office errands, or to attend training or seminars. For instance, a worker may drive his or her car to deliver orders to a dental office. If that employee backs into another car in the parking lot and the other driver sustains injuries or damages to that car, your Business Auto Insurance policy may cover the claim if the employee does not carry a Personal Auto policy.

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