Dog Trainer Insurance

Whether you own your own training studio or work in private homes, it’s critical that your business is properly protected. As most dog trainers know, accidents can happen any time, anywhere to anybody – and the consequences can be disastrous. Dog training insurance gives you peace of mind that you, your employees and the business you work so hard to sustain are protected from claims that have the potential to close your business. We offer custom Dog Training Insurance tailored for the industry, including General Liability, Professional Liability, Property, Workers’ Compensation and more.

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General Liability Insurance for Dog Trainers

Insurance for dog trainersThe training of pets may be performed on premises or at clients’ homes and both have a relatively high liability risk, as does any business that deals with animals. General Liability claims come from clients, subcontractors, or other people visiting your office who allege that you or someone who works for you caused them harm in some way. Claims can also result for damage someone alleges you are responsible for to their property. For example, say your dog participates in training classes with you. If she hurts another dog or dog owner, you can be held liable for the medical costs and could even be sued.

Professional Liability Insurance for Dog Training Businesses

Clients have high expectations for the service you provide and the quality of your work. They can sue if they find your work does not meet their expectations. For instance, a customer who thinks the training you provided wasn’t extensive enough or didn’t live up to your advertisement might sue you. Professional Liability, also known as Errors & Omissions Insurance, covers the cost of such damages and the cost of defending a lawsuit brought against you or one your employees. Lawsuits, whether merited or not, can be quite costly to defend, even sending your business into bankruptcy.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Dog Trainers

Dog trainers and their employees may be injured in slip/trip/fall and other common accidents. They may also be scratched, knocked down, or bitten by dogs. Injuries can also occur when traveling to meet clients or running business errands. Most states require business to carry Worker’s Compensation.

Business Auto Insurance for Dog Trainers

Animal trainers who travel to parks or private homes will be at higher risks of auto accidents, whether you use a personal vehicle or a company-owned vehicle. For example, if you’re delivering a pet to your client in a company car and negligently hit another car along the way, your Business Auto policy will cover repair costs to your vehicle and veterinarian fees if the dog is hurt, as well as any damage to the other vehicle and driver involved.

Dog training insuranceProperty Insurance for Dog Trainers 

Your office, training studio and any storage facilities should be covered for damages that could be caused by theft, vandalism, severe weather, faulty electrical wiring or plumbing, and fire among other things. For instance, a frayed electrical cord could cause a fire, which in turn could set off the overhead water sprinklers. Property Insurance covers the cost of repairs to the building and replacement of any damaged contents, including furniture, equipment, files, etc. And if the smoke and water damage is so extensive that the business operations are interrupted, your policy covers the loss of income.

Crime Insurance for Dog Trainers 

Dishonest employees and may embezzle money or steal cash or equipment. Standard controls to prevent embezzlement include countersignature requirements on all checks and bank account reconciliation b someone not authorized to deposit or withdraw funds.

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