Graphic Artist and Designer Insurance

Graphic artists create designs for visual products and mediums such as advertisements, magazines, newspapers, brochures, billboards and logos. Whether your graphic arts business caters to periodical publishers, filmmakers, producers of educational materials, advertising agencies or other small businesses, we offer customized insurance programs, including Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Errors & Omissions, Property, Auto and more.

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Graphic Artist InsuranceGeneral Liability Insurance for Graphic Artists

Clients and other visitors to a graphic designer’s workplace may suffer injuries from everyday accidents such as falling on stairs or slipping on an icy sidewalk. Problems include infringements upon copyright and trademark laws. If heavy chemicals or solvents are used, damage to the environment could also be a concern.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Graphic Artists and Designers

Graphic artists and designers are most likely to suffer from injuries related to repetitive motions and use of computers, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and eyestrain. However, accidents can happen at any time: a slip on a wet floor, an electrical shock, muscle strain from moving heavy objects, or a fall from a stepladder can all result in serious injuries.

Professional Liability Insurance for Graphic Designers

Professional Liability is also known as Errors & Omissions. This coverage protects graphic designers in the event of a client alleging that you or someone on your staff were professionally negligent or failed to perform the work as contracted. Examples of such allegations are mistakes in scheduling, designs released to the wrong party or lost in shipping, copyright/trademark infringement or plagiarism. E&O Insurance covers the cost of defending against a lawsuit brought on by unhappy clients.

Business Auto Insurance for Graphic Artists

Automobile accidents are a concern for graphic artists and designers and their employees who drive to meetings with clients or pick up supplies/deliver their products. In that case, the level of risk depends on the condition of the vehicles used and the driving records of the drivers. Whether you and workers drive private-owned or company-owned vehicles, a Business Auto policy will be needed in either event.

Property Insurance for Graphic Designers 

Property damage can result from severe weather, faulty plumbing, vandalism, or fire caused by lightning, faulty electrical wiring or flammable products kept on the premises. Whether you rent or own your office space and equipment, property insurance covers the cost of repairs and replacement of any damages incurred. For instance, if an electrical fire erupts, there could be extensive damage from the smoke, fire and even water from the sprinkler system and/or fire department. Repairing or replacing damaged flooring, walls, furniture, computers and designs could be quite high. And in the event the property damage is so extensive as to make doing business impossible, property insurance covers the cost of lost income while repair are being made.

Crime Insurance for Graphic Designers 

Employees may steal from their employers, including theft of equipment. Recoupment of funds lost through embezzlement and theft of company property is possible with Crime Insurance.

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