Insurance for Lawyers & Law Firms

Lawyers or attorneys representing clients in legal situations and providing legal advice deserve the same expertise from their insurance provider. Whether specializing in one or several areas of law, we offer custom-tailored Insurance for lawyers and their law firms, including General Liability, Errors & Omissions, Property, Worker’ Comp, Crime, Business Auto and more.
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General Liability Insurance for Attorneys and Legal Firms

General Liability Insurance for LawyersAny business that invites customers and visitors on the premises can experience accidents resulting in injuries. Lawyers can be held liable if customer information is not kept confidential.

General liability insurance protects against claims of physical injury, personal injury, property damage, copyright infringement and advertising injury. Best to be practicing law, not have someone practice it because of you.

Professional Liability Insurance Lawyers and Law Firms

Lawyers can face serious lawsuits if errors are made in their work resulting in an unfavorable outcome for their clients. The risk level is dependent on a number of factors, and clients can allege that you made errors or mistakes, failed to deliver the agreed upon services or delivered incomplete or unsatisfactory work. Lawyers are in the position of knowing how costly a legal defense can be and should therefore consider a Professional Liability (or Errors & Omissions) Insurance policy.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Lawyers and Law Fimss

Employees injured at work must compensated for the medical expenses and wages lost due to time off the job from the injury. Accidents such as falls can take place anytime. And if employees travel to conduct business, such as when attending depositions or visiting law libraries, then they are at risk off-site as well.

Business Auto Insurance for Law Firms an Attorneys

Law firm employees may use non-owned or hired vehicles for work-related trips. In that case, there is a risk of an automobile accident occurring.

Property Insurance for Law Firms and Attorneys

The primary threat to the property of a lawyer’s office is fire, which can spread quickly due to the high volume of paper. Valuable documents are at a higher risk of loss if library materials are not inventoried and documents such as wills and deeds are not duplicated with copies kept off-site. The best way to do this is through electronic imaging. Of course, the premises can also be damaged by severe weather, faulty plumbing or electrical wiring, or natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornados.

Crime Insurance for Lawyers and Law Firms

All businesses are susceptible to activities by dishonest employees and outside third parties. Bookkeepers can easily embezzle funds and employees often have access to clients’ personal information that can be used for fraudulent purposes.

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Immediate purchase and binding of policy available