Insurance for Industrial Laundries

Industrial laundries launder large volumes for their clients, which can be hotels, prisons, hospitals and large companies that require employee uniforms. They may use both dry and wet cleaning methods, and may provide items to clients or launder clients-own items. We offer custom tailored Industrial Laundry Insurance to cover the unique risks of the industry, including General Liability, Property, Workers’ Comp, Errors & Omissions, Crime, Business Auto and more.
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General Liability Insurance for Industrial Laundries

Industrial Laundry InsuranceSince customer access to plants as well as retail receiving stations is limited, the chances of an on-site injury occurring is low. However, injuries can occur, especially trips and falls so protection from third-party claims and lawsuits is necessary. Employees of industrial laundries could also cause damages and injuries to others or their property off-site while making deliveries.

Professional Liability Insurance for Industrial Laundries

This type of coverage, also known as Errors & Omissions, this protects against claims of unprofessionalism or errors. This is a particular risk in the laundry industry and all along the service supply chain. Client-owned linens lost or damaged by human error, defective machinery, or cleaning chemicals can trigger a lawsuit based on negligence or improper care. Even if the suit is determined to have no merit, the cost of defending against such allegations can severely affect your financial health and even bankrupt your business.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Industrial Laundry Services

The primary Workers’ Compensation risks for laundry operations are the health problems that could result from employee exposure to biohazards of airborne or imbedded pathogens when handling soiled laundry. Employees also risk exposure to chemicals, heat stress, noise exposure, burns, and slip and falls accidents

Worker’s Comp covers the cost of the medical care incurred as well as any lost wages attributed to the injury or illness.

Business Auto Insurance for Industrial Laundries

The risk of automobile accidents for industrial laundries is high if pick-up and delivery services are offered. It’s advisable to consider Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance if employees drive vehicles rented by the company drive their own cars for work purposes

Property Insurance for Industrial Laundries

The most likely source of property damage for an industrial laundry is losing or damaging customers’ articles on-site and while in transit. Fire is always a potential risk, but common ignition sources in industrial laundry businesses are faulty faulty wiring, overheating electrical equipment, and smoking washing and dryers. The laundry chemicals used also contribute to the fire load. All business face risks of severe weather, natural disasters, and water damage from faulty plumbing. Property insurance covers property loss and/or repair costs from such events, as well as any loss of income if the business operations are interrupted while repairs are being made.

Crime Insurance for Industrial Laundry Operations

No one expects employees to steal from their business, but sadly it happens more often than employers think. Crime Insurance covers things such as a loss from an employee who quietly embezzled thousands of dollars a small amount at a time and can’t afford to pay you back once the crime has been discovered, or a bookkeeper who forges your name on checks made payable to themselves and then suddenly resigns before you know what happened. Losses from outsiders stealing cash and property or hackers stealing from your bank account are also covered under Crime Insurance.

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