Insurance for Wedding Consultants

Wedding consultants and event planners face particular risks because of the nature of their business. We offer insurance programs tailored to their unique needs, including General Liability, Errors & Omissions, Business Auto, Property, Workman’s Compensation and more.


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General Liability Insurance for Wedding Insurance for Wedding Consultants Event Planners

Most wedding consultants conduct business in public areas, so client interaction at their offices is limited. Therefore, the risk of an injury occurring on-site is low. However, delivery or maintenance persons who make regular visits are at risk for falls and other accidents on premises. General Liability also covers you outside the office. Say you attend a cake tasting at a bakery with the bride and groom and accidentally bump into a table. Glassware and dishes crash to the floor. The cost of replacing the broken items would be covered under your General Liability policy.

Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) Insurance for Wedding Consultants and Event Planners

E&O Insurance covers the costs associated with defending against claims of negligence or poorly executed work. Given the highly emotional nature of weddings and other events, it’s not unusual for clients to sue when they aren’t happy with how the event or parts of the event turned out. Clients often blame the planner if the wedding cake didn’t arrive on time or the alternate arrangements for inclement weather were less than ideal. Whether you’re at fault or not, E&O covers the cost of defending against such allegations.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance for Wedding and Event Planners

Worker’s compensation insurance is required for most businesses with employees. All employees are at risk for injuries such as trip/slip/fall accidents or back strain from lifting heavy objects. The medical bills associated with even a minor accident could mean a serious financial setback for a small company. Worker’s Compensation covers the medical costs incurred as well as any lost wages associated with the injury.

Business Auto Insurance for Wedding and Event Consultants

Event planners are usually on the go, meeting with clients and vendors and visiting venues. If you transport the groomsmen’s tuxes in your vehicle and hit another driver on the way, your personal auto insurance policy will likely not cover its use for commercial purposes. A business auto policy will cover the cost of repairs to the damaged cars and any damage to or replacement of the tuxedos.

Property Insurance for Wedding Planners

Property loss risks are typically minimal for event planners. However, weather, fire, and faulty plumbing or electrical systems are just some of the things that can cause serious damage to property. For instance, a burst water pipe can cause extensive damage to the office building, furniture and even files and office equipment. Property Insurance covers the cost of repairs and replacement of the damaged property.

Crime Insurance for Wedding and Event Planners

A monetary loss due to dishonest employees stealing money or goods is always a crime risk. Loss of money or securities by embezzlement or theft of goods by employees is covered by Crime Insurance.

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