Interior Decorator Insurance

Interior decorators plan, design and organize projects for the purpose of decorating interior spaces for their clients. Some interior designers specialize in commercial home décor, office design, outdoor work and living spaces, or staging for real estate developers. No matter the focus of your business, we offer custom Interior Decorator Insurance tailored for the industry, including General Liability, E&O, Property, Worker’s Compensation and more.

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Interior Decorator insuranceGeneral Liability Insurance for Interior Decorators

 Interior decorators should have low premises liability risks since they typically meet at the clients’ location. General Liability claims come from clients, subcontractors, or other people visiting your office who allege that you or someone who works for you caused them harm in some way. For example, you could accidentally break a valuable lamp in a client’s office, a delivery person could trip on a loose floor mat in your office entryway, or your paint subcontractor could spill paint on the client’s furniture.

Professional Liability Insurance for Interior Designers

Interior designers are frequently required to carry Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Errors & Omissions, by their clients and trade associations of which they are members. Clients have high expectations for the service you provide and the quality of your work and can sue if they find your work does not meet their expectations. For instance, you can be sued for errors in material selection, design advice that resulted in injury to a person or damage to property, or failing to complete the project on time. E&O Insurance covers the cost of such damages and the cost of defending a lawsuit brought against you, your employees or one of your subcontractors.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Interior Decorators

 Interior decorators and their employees may be injured when traveling to meet clients, running business errands, and/or while on clients’ premises. The use of stools, ladders and power tools increases the potential for risks on the job. Most states require business to carry Worker’s Compensation.

Business Auto Insurance for Interior Decorators

 Business auto risks will be significant for interior decorators and their employees since they usually travel to meet their clieInterior designer insurancents. Whether you use a personal vehicle or a company-owned vehicle, Business Auto Insurance is a must for interior designers. For example, if you’re delivering new lighting fixtures to your client and hit another car en route to his office, your Business Auto policy will cover the cost of repairing the vehicle and replacing the lighting fixtures, as well as any damage to the other vehicle involved. Most personal auto policies will not cover claims when the vehicle is used for business purposes.

Property Insurance for Interior Decorators 

Your office and any storage facilities should be covered for damages caused by vandalism, severe weather, faulty electrical wiring or plumbing, and fire. For instance, if a frayed electrical cord causes a fire that sets off the overhead water sprinklers, Property Insurance covers the repairs to the building and repair or replacement of the contents, including furniture, equipment, files, etc. And if the smoke and water damage is so extensive that the business cannot operate until repairs are made, your policy covers the loss of income.

Crime Insurance for Interior Decorators 

 Interior decorators are not likely to have a lot of cash on hand, so burglary risks should be low. However, dishonest employees and subcontractors of interior decorating services may embezzle money or steal tools, equipment or material.

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