Interpreters and Translators Insurance

Interpreters and translators are bi- or multi-lingual professionals who translate verbal and written communications, including conversations, speeches, interviews, and legal proceedings, from one language to another. Whether your interpretation or translation business caters to individuals, international business or political organizations, or medical and legal fields, we offer custom Translator Insurance programs that include General Liability, E&O, Property, Worker’s Compensation and more.

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Interpretor InsuranceGeneral Liability Insurance for Interpreters and Translators

Interpreters and translators will typically travel to meet their clients and should have low premises liability risks as a result. But interpreters and translators who have office space face risks associated with slip/trip/fall and other every day accidents. General Liability Insurance can cover your legal bills for many lawsuits from people not employed by your business such as delivery people, contractors and clients. Such lawsuits can be for damage you caused them or their business, injuries they suffer at your place of business, or damage to their reputation, among other claims.

Professional Liability Insurance for Interpreters

 Interpreters and translators may be at risk of being sued if they make a translation error that causes harm in any way to their clients. For example, say you’re interpreting in a hospital. An error you made in translation resulted in the patient not fully understanding a diagnosis or procedure. You could be sued if the patient made a decision based on faulty information that resulted in worsening medical condition, need for further treatment, permanent disability or even death.

Whether claims of professional errors on your part are valid or not, E&O covers the cost of defending against such lawsuits.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Interpreters and Translators

Interpreters or translators travel to most of their assignments and are therefore at risk for injury during travel to meet their clients. Of course, every day accidents – falls, cuts, or muscle strains for example – can occur to anyone anywhere. Worker’s compensation covers medical costs for injuries suffered while conducting business, and lost wages if the injury keeps yo from performing your duties while recuperating.

Translator and interpretor insuranceBusiness Auto Insurance for Interpreters or Translators 

Interpreters and translators often travel to meet their clients, therefore increasing business auto risks. Whether the vehicle is owned by your or the business, we offer a Business Auto policy that covers damage due to an accident, and protection from vandalism and theft if you so chose.

Property Insurance for Translators 

If you own or rent office space, property damage can result from combustible contents such as paper files, books, or cleaning products or faulty electrical wiring or plumbing, catastrophic weather conditions or vandalism. A hurricane can tear a gaping hole in the building roof, which would in turn result in water damage to the interior from rain.

Crime Insurance for Interpreters or Translators

Crime insurance covers employee embezzlement of funds or theft of property. This includes employees who steal from your clients.

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