Market Research Service Insurance

Market researchers work for a wide variety of clients who depend on the information gathered to improve their sales or services. The clients who hired your company to provide information that help them grow have high expectations of the work you do. We offer your business protection with custom Market Research Insurance programs that include General Liability, E&O, Property, Worker’s Compensation, and more.

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General Liability Insurance for Market Research Companies

Market Research InsuranceInjuries sustained to visitors to your office are covered by a General Liability policy. Even though you may typically meet clients outside the office, you will have delivery people, service technicians, and vendors coming and going. You could be liable f such a person were to get hurt or their property were damaged.

In other words, General Liability will cover medical expenses for injury claims and your legal bills for lawsuits by people not employed by you.

General Liability also protects against lawsuits by people or companies claiming damage to their reputation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, and misappropriation of advertising concepts.

Professional Liability Insurance for Market Researchers

Market researchers may risk being sued if their research information proves to be faulty or the work provided is of poor quality and causes harm in any way to their clients. For example, say an organization devises marketing tactics based on the results of your research. If their marketing plan results in huge loss or negative growth, you can be sued.

Even if such claims of professional errors on your or your employee’s part are not justified, E&O covers the legal costs of defending against such lawsuits, which can be quite high.

Business Auto Insurance for Marketing Research Services 

Employees of market research firms may travel to meet their clients or attend training seminars or conferences and are therefore a fairly high risk for auto accidents. Whether your employees drive company-owned, rental or their personal vehicles to a venue, we offer a Business Auto policy that covers damage and bodily injury due to an accident. Personal auto policies rarely cover claims made when driving for business purposes. Protection from vandalism and theft is also available if you so chose.

Property Insurance for Marketing Research Companies 

Property damage for the office space you rent or own can result from acts of vandalism, catastrophic weather, combustible materials such as cleaning products, or faulty plumbing or electrical wiring. For example, a short circuit in the electrical system could spark a fire. Not only would the premises suffer fire and smoke damage, but water the from the overhead sprinkler system and/or fire department would cause further damage to the interior and contents of the building. Property insurance covers the cost of repairs and replacement, as well as lost income if the business operations are interrupted while repairs are being made.

Crime Insurance for Market Research Services

Embezzlement of funds or theft of property by employees is covered by Crime Insurance. This includes employees who steal from your clients.

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