Retail Business Insurance

Formal Wear Rental Insurance

Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment Store

Antique Store – Liability Only

Appliance Store – Residential

Archery Equipment & Supplies Store

Army – Navy Store

Art & Drafting Supplies Store

Art Studio, including art lessons

Art, Picture & Poster Store

Artificial Flowers Store

Artists Supplies Store

Audio Visual Equipment Store

Auto Parts & Supplies Store

Bagel Shop

Bakery Store

Balloons – Novelty Store

Banners & Flags Shop

Bath Shop

Beauty Supplies Store

Beer, Liquor & Wine Store

Bicycle Store

Blankets & Bedspreads Store

Books & Magazines Store

Bottled Water Store

Brass, Copper & Pewter Specialty Store

Bridal Shop

Burial Caskets/Coffins/Shipping Cases Store

Cabinet Store

Calculator Store

Cameras & Photo Equipment Store

Camping Equipment Store

Candy or Confectionery Store with Cooking

Candy or Confectionery Store without Cooking

Carpets, Rugs, & Floor Covering Store

Cheese Shop

Church Supplies Store

Clock Store

Clothing Store

Coffee & Tea Supplies Store

Coffee Shop With No Cooking

Collectibles Store

Computer Store

Concessionaire With No Cooking

Cosmetics & Toiletries Store

Cutlery Store


Dairy Products Store

Department Store

Drapery Store

Drug Store

Dry Goods, Fabrics & Yarn Store

Educational & School Supplies Store

Electrical Supplies Store

Electronics Store

Fishing Equipment & Supplies Store

Florist Shop

Furniture Store

General Store

Gift Shop

Glass Store – Window, Plate & Mirror

Glassware, Ceramics, Pottery & China Store

Golf Equipment & Supplies Store

Gourmet & Specialty Food Shop

Gun Store & Gunsmithing

Hallmark Card Store

Hardware Store

Health Food Store Excluding Products

Hearing Aids Store

Hobby & Model Shop

Home Improvement Store

Hosiery Store

Janitorial Supplies Store

Jewelry Store

Kitchen Accessories Store

Knives & Scissors Store

Lamps & Lighting Fixtures Store

Leather Goods & Luggage Store

Linen & White Goods Store

Lingerie & Accessories Store

Mail Box & Packing Services

Medical Equipment Supply Stores – Property Only

Monument & Tombstone Store – No Installation

Music Store – Pre-recorded

Musical Instruments Store

Newspaper Stand

Nursery & Garden Shop

Office Equipment & Supply Store

Optical Goods Store


Paint, Wallpaper & Wall Coverings Store

Paper & Paper Products Store

Party Goods Store

Pet Shop & Supplies

Piano & Organ Store

Picture Frames & Framing Store

Plant Store

Plumbing Fixtures & Supplies Store

Pottery Store

Premium Coupon Redemption Store

Printing & Bookbinding Supplies Store

Radio, TV & Phonograph Store

Restaurant Fixtures & Supplies Store

Rubber Stamps Store

Running & Track Equipment & Supply Store

Sewing Machine Store

Shoe Store

Soccer Apparel & Equipment Store

Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment Store

Stationery Supplies Store

Swimming Pool Supplies Store

T-Shirt Store

Telephone and Pager Store

Tennis Equipment Supplies Store

Tie Shop

Tobacco Shop

Toy Store

Variety Store

Video Tape Store

Vitamin Store – Excluding Products

Water Softening Equipment Stor

Wigs & Toupees Store