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Tackle football insurance


  • Baseball Insurance – We offer both youth and adult team and league Baseball Insurance, including Accident, General Liability, Directors and Officers Liability, Crime and Equipment.
  • Softball Insurance – Protection for youth and adult softball teams and leagues with Softball Insurance.
  • Tackle Football Insurance – Protection for youth and adult tackle football teams and leagues, including regular season, travel and tournaments.
  • Basketball Insurance – Basketball insurance for youth and adult teams and leagues, instructors, basketball camps and tournaments.
  • Cheer Insurance – We insure cheer leagues, squads, cheer gyms and schools, cheer instructors, competitions and tournaments.
  • Soccer Insurance – We insure every facet of the most popular sport in the world: teams and leagues, coaches and instructors, competitions and tournaments, soccer facilities and more.
  • Volleyball Insurance – Volleyball injuries rank  low among major sports, but many players suffer overuse Volleyball Insuranceinjuries.  Volleyball Insurance should be included in any volleyball team or league’s risk management plan.
  • Swimming Insurance – All swim teams and clubs need Accident and General Liability protection from lawsuits generated incidents at a swimming facility.
  • Roller Derby Insurance – Injuries are common in roller derby participants, which makes Roller Derby insurance for teams, leagues and rink owners a must.
  • Frisbee Golf Insurance – Accidental injuries of players or bystanders or damage to property from being hit by flying Frisbees are the most common claims in Frisbee golf. Frisbee golf insurance protects teams, leagues and course owners from such liabilities.
  • Cricket Insurance – Cricket insurance for adult and youth cricket teams and leagues, as well asfor  individual cricket instructors and cricket camps & clinics.
  • Archery Insurance – Coverage for archery teams and leagues, tournaments, and instructors. We offer a custom program for National Field Archery Association members.Martial arts insurance
  • Martial Arts Insurance – Coverage for martial arts schools and studios and individual instructors of judo, karate, jujitsu, tae kwon do and more.
  • Golf Insurance – General liability and accident insurance for adult and youth golf teams and leagues, instructors, camps & clinics, and driving ranges.
  • All Others