IT Consultant Insurance

An Information Technology Consultant

As an IT consultant professional you are required to wear many hats — You are the advisor, the business manager, the technician, and it is your responsibility to make sure a project is implemented in a timely and safe manner.

Throughout your processes, you may have at times, considered using General Liability insurance to protect the project at hand and more importantly, to protect your reputation as an IT professional consultant.

Is a small business general liability insurance policy really adequate to protect you from unexpected occurrences?

There is no room for error when dealing with a company’s infrastructure, and acts of nature or human error at times cannot be avoided.

An IT consultant professional liability insurance policy can protect you or your IT business against these critical and unique situations that you have no control over.

Something as simple as a misconfiguration of software can cause an entire client’s business to shut down.

As an IT consultant, the following unnecessary risks are sometimes inevitable:
• Computer or network security breach
• Unauthorized users may have access to valuable client or customer information
• Work flow may come to a halt, costing the company valuable revenues
• Virus infestation
• Loss of client data

General Liability insurance would not be sufficient coverage for these types of scenarios. This type of coverage is still very crucial for bodily injury and physical property damage.

However, for the protection of financial loss without property damage or bodily injury, due to mistakes made in the course of business, it is important to also be covered by a technology-focused Professional Liability Errors & Omissions Policy.

Combining General Liability and Professional Liability Errors & Omissions insurance policies will give you the adequate protection over any situation. It will also give you peace of mind and insure that your business and reputation remain intact.  Both policies can be obtained for as low as $1,100 annually or with monthly payments as low as $110.

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