Data Hosting Service Provider Insurance

General Liability insurance is critical for any data hosting company.

After all, if a fire, vandalism, theft, or another situation were to destroy your servers, your customers would lose valuable data and you would Insurance for tech professionalshave lost thousands of dollars of property. But is General Liability all you need?

Without question, protecting the data that customers pay you to host for them is the number one priority of a data hosting company. Redundant equipment, fire prevention and protection, and having the most reliable backup software are all resources you most likely use to protect your customers’ data.

Sadly, both technology malfunctions and human error can cause the thing you fear most: loss of critical customer data. And without proper insurance coverage, your business is completely exposed to any liability arising from this kind of data loss.

A General Liability insurance policy is a must for data hosting providers. With damage or loss of your servers comes loss of data, and a General Liability policy will protect against physical property damage.

But what about when there is no property damage?

  • Data can be lost due to a virus that infects a server, and with no property damage this would not be covered under General Liability.
  • A security hole can be exploited by a hacker and used to expose or distribute private information. Again, with no property damage or bodily injury, this would not be covered under a General Liability policy.

Both of these scenarios demonstrate why it is critical for a data hosting provider to have Tech Professional Liability Errors & Omissions insurance in addition to General Liability insurance.

A technology-focused E&O plan protects you in situations that involve financial loss due to a mistake or accident that occurs while you are providing service.

It’s essential for you to have both, and you can get them for as low as $1,100. Monthly payments are also available at the low price of $110. Given the unpredictable nature of technology and the tremendous liability you would face if and when an accident happens, can you afford NOT to protect yourself with these policies?

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