Database Engineer Insurance


Database engineers typically value the protection that a General Liability insurance policy offers.  With the growing possibility of a lawsuit being filed against a small business, General Liability is one of the best risk prevention measures one can take to protect their business. However, many of the risks that database engineers face on a regular basis are not covered by General Liability insurance.

A General Liability insurance policy is comprehensive enough for the common risks that most businesses face and covers many situations (including claims due to bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury).  However, there are certain claims that are not included in a General Liability policy.

Consider these scenarios that could happen as you provide service for a client:

  • While structuring a table to hold client data, you neglect to set a mapping, causing errors and loss of usability to your client’s system.
  • You neglect to install security patches into a database system in a timely manner, and secure or confidential data is exposed to the public.
  • The database structure you built for your client does not allow for additions the client requests without starting from scratch, and your client files a claim that you should have built it differently from the beginning.

These possible scenario show how critical it is to get specific and appropriate coverage against the technology-specific risks you face while providing service.  A Technology Professional E&O insurance policy is specifically designed for a business like yours.  While General Liability protects against claims resulting from bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage, Technology Professional E&O protects specifically against claims arising from financial damages occurring due to a mistake or error.

As a database engineer you are going to need both General Liability insurance and Technology Professional E&O coverage for sufficient protection against claims that may arise as you build your business. Now, you can have both policies at a combined rate of only $1100 or $110/month. This affordable policies are your best bet in protecting the business you’ve worked hard to build.

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