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Cover Your IT Business with Insurance Designed for Your Unique Risks and Liabilities as a Technology Professional

We’ve all been there.  A tiny detail overlooked, a small mistake, one bad call, can lead to a chain reaction of hardware or software problems… and in the world of technology, problems frequently demand immediate attention; hours of restoring hardware, software, drivers, or data; and losses ranging from data loss to financial loss to customer loss.

The smallest mistake can cost one of your clients thousands of dollars… and YOU can be held responsible.

The cost for technology insurance for IT professionals is miniscule compared to the financial hazards it protects you from.

Don’t settle for liability insurance that is not specifically designed for technology professionals

As a professional in the IT industry, you face particular risks.  The materials in your business are different, the services you provide are different, and the issues that can come up (and the resulting consequences) are different.

When you get a generic business liability policy, you may not have enough coverage for computer equipment replacement.  You may have limitations on the protection offered for claims related to data loss.  You may have coverage that sounds good on paper, but leaves you completely exposed to claims and lawsuits.

Our technology insurance policies are customized for IT professionals; you don’t pay for additional coverages you don’t need, and every dollar you spend is for coverage that you DO need.

Better still, our professionals have specialized knowledge in technology and insurance for technology… meaning they speak your language.  They know your business and your liability risks.  And they know how to help you get exactly the coverage you need!

Comprehensive Insurance for all IT Professionals

Why choose Sadler & Company for your technology professional insurance?

  • 6 Minutes, Start To Finish. Our online system takes about 4 minutes to apply… and then 2 more minutes to purchase your policy. Your policy is issued immediately by email – no waiting, no hassle!
  • Best Industry Insurance Carriers, Rock Bottom Prices. We’ve partnered with the best insurance carriers in the industry to provide customized, comprehensive technology insurance. But that’s not all – we’ve negotiated the best rates available on the market so that you can get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.
  • Real IT Experts, Not Just A General Insurance Agent. Sadler Insurance for Techs has a team of trained, experienced technology insurance experts. John Sadler, the president of Sadler & Company, is a leader in the technology insurance field, an author, a speaker, and a specialist in risk management. We know how to help you get the coverage you need, because we are familiar with the situations you face in your business.
  • Extra Resources To Help You Succeed. We don’t stop when we get you the best coverage possible for the lowest price possible. We continue to provide valuable resources and information to help you keep your risks low and your finances secure.
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