Linux Specialist Insurance

Linux specialist

Linux professionals provide a highly specialized service.

With unique IT-related risks, Linux professionals need to deal with the potential threat of legal claims due to negligence while working. Whether you are an advanced Linux kernel developer or a new system administrator configuring DNS servers, managing web or mail servers, or installing applications on Intranet servers, you face a broad scope of variables and risks.

Your clients expect flawless delivery of service. They depend on you to not only fulfill your commitment, but to complete the work in a time frame and manner that helps them run their business effectively. But what if a worst-case scenarios were to occur?

  • A DNS server configuration ends abruptly when you accidentally delete a number of important zone files.
  • A web server crashes because you removed an important folder without realizing it.
  • You neglect to turn off the default services that run inside Unix/Linux, and a virus is installed on the server through one of the unsecured services.

These are real possibilities, and that makes you financially vulnerable if these or other issues create a negative effect for your customer.  When it comes to protecting against financial vulnerability, General Liability insurance General Liability provides excellent protection for the average business. However, for Linux gurus and system administrators there are particular risks that are not covered by General Liability.

Any claim of financial damage due to neglect or error that does not have any accompanying property damage or injury to a person will not be covered under just General Liability. Rather, a Professional Technology E&O plan would provide coverage for these.  That’s because an E&O plan covers claims due to financial loss or damage arising from the service you provided, with no property damage or injury to a person arising from the same situation.

Undoubtedly, the benefits of having both General Liability insurance and Professional Technology E&O insurance are clear to you as a Linux specialist.  Perhaps more importantly, the cost of maintaining these two types of policies no longer needs to be a primary concern, as both types of policies are now available for as little as $1100 or $110/month.