Server Administrators Insurance

You may not realize how critical General Liability insurance critical it is to your business,or that it may not be adequate in and of itself to provide you with the protection you need for the unique situations you face while providing service to customers.

Your clients count on you to maintain and manage one or more servers that their business depends on to run. You have no room for mistakes or oversights, especially when something as small as a single option set incorrectly could leave many people unable to do their jobs.

If the simple configuration of software can cause a disruption in the flow of business, you already know the damage a much bigger mistake would cause.

  • Failure to install necessary patches in a timely manner could allow a security breach, allowing unauthorized users to access the network and data on the network.
  • Incorrect permission settings could disable applications from working for key personnel, causing them to be unable to do their jobs, which costs your client money.
  • A simple registry modification can crash the server. In addition to the interruption in business that this would cause, a server crash could also risk the loss of all data, programs, and user configuration.

General Liability insurance would not be sufficient to cover these particular scenarios. While General Liability is important for covering risks associated with bodily injury and physical property damage, you will need a technology-focused Professional Liability Errors & Omissions policy to cover these other types of damage or losses.

Simply put, a General Liability policy provides coverage against property damage and bodily injury. Errors & Omissions policies provide coverage for financial loss without these things, where the loss is due to mistakes you make in the course of business.

The good news is that you can get both policies for as low as $1,100, with monthly payments available and as low as $110. With the pressure squarely on you for the server to function as it is intended, 24 hours a day, with no mistakes or interruptions, do you really want to continue to do business without adequate insurance coverage?

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