System Integrator Insurance


Most system integrators are well aware of all the risks involved in a business, and that one of the biggest risks is being sued.

Having to pay a large claim can be devastating to an IT company, and a General Liability insurance policy is the way most IT professionals choose to protect themselves against this risk.  General Liability protects a business against some of the most common claims that can be filed against a system integration company.

The unfortunate fact, however, is that many system integrators get General Liability policies without realizing that they are not fully protecting themselves by not having additional coverage.  Certain professional risks that systems integrators face while providing service are typically not covered under General Liability.

General Liability Insurance offers you protection from claims due to an accident or a mistake resulting in bodily injury, personal injury (slander and defamation of character, for example), property damage or incidents that involve advertising. There are several other claims, however, that are not covered under General Liability insurance. For example:

  • The system that you are integrating does not meet your client’s requirements and causes your client a loss of revenue
  • You are unable to complete an integration in the timeframe required by the client, causing them to miss a time sensitive opportunity or requirement
  • You missed a step during the integration process that requires your customer to manually enter thousands of records into the new system, costing them additional payroll expenses

In these situations, where only financial damage occurs due to a mistake you make during a systems integration, a Technical Professional E&O policy is required to cover these claims.

With both a General Liability insurance policy and a Technology Professional E&O Insurance policy, you can have absolute protection from the types of claims risks you face the most. And with both policies available at a combined price as low as $1100 or $110/month, you can get the coverage you need without sacrificing your budget.

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