Windows Specialist Insurance

With new versions of Windows and Microsoft Office being released every few years, as well as frequent software updates, security patches, and more, Microsoft Windows specialists are in high demand.

These specialists help their clients resolve issues and implement solutions specific to Windows workstations, laptops, and servers.  That said, it’s easy for Windows specialists to get so caught up in staying ahead of the tech curve that they overlook one of the most critical needs of their business: adequate insurance coverage and protection.  With the ever-increasing number of lawsuits filed against small technology companies, more and more Windows specialists are realizing that General Liability is one of the requirements for the success of a small technology company.

However, even with a strong General Liability policy in place, Windows specialists remain vulnerable.  Consider facing the repercussions and liability if any of these issues came up when providing service for clients:

  • As you work to resolve a malfunctioning program, you unintentionally delete data or program files that are critical to the operations of your client.
  • You open the registry to resolve an issue with a server for your client, fail to make a back up,and cause a blue screen error, effectively disabling that server until Windows can be reinstalled.
  • You unintentionally roll back a Windows version to the default factory settings, wiping out your customer’s data and causing them significant financial damage.

No technology professional wants to be in situations like these, but errors and accidents happen.  Fortunately, there is an insurance policy designed just for these and other risks that Microsoft specialists face while providing services to a client.  A Technology Professional E&O policy is designed for technology professionals and covers claims related to financial damage caused by a mistake, error, or omission made by the service provider.  (Note: General Liability covers financial damage claims when there is also an accompanying bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury claim.)

Having General Liability to cover property damage claims, bodily injury claims, and personal injury claims, as well as Technology Professional insurance to cover financial damage claims gives you confidence that your business has the most complete protection possible.  And at a combined price starting at $1100 or $110 per month, the policies are available at an affordable price, making it easy for you to get the coverage you need.

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