Medical Office Insurance

Physicians in medical offices may specialize in a variety of practices, such as pediatrics, radiology, dentistry, optometry, psychiatry or cardiology, or they may be general practitioners and clinics. We offer customized Medical Office Insurance, including General Liability, E&O, Property, Crime, Business Auto, Workman’s Compensation, and more.

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General Liability Insurance for Medical Offices

Patients and other visitors to a medical office are subject to injuries on the premises, Medical office insurancesuch as delivery person falling on a stairway, an accidental needle stick, or a child accessing harmful supplies, equipment or drugs. General Liability also pays for any damage that may occur to a patient’s or other visitor’s property. Personal and advertising liability is also covered in the event an employee is accused of liable or slander or allegations of copyrighted content being used in your advertising.

Professional Liability Medical Offices

Medical professionals need the protection of Professional Liability insurance, also known as Errors & Omissions or Malpractice insurance. Mistakes made by physicians and other medical professionals in medical offices could result in serious lawsuits. In the worst-case scenarios, serious injuries, medical problems or death could result from mistakes made by medical professionals.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Medical Offices

All 50 states require that businesses carry Workers’ Compensation. Employees need protection from injuries while on the job. Workers Comp pays for the medical costs incurred for on-the-job injuries and illnesses, including any lost wages and rehabilitation services during recuperation. If an employee’s family decides to sue, Workers’ Comp can help cover your related legal fees.

Business Auto Insurance for Medical Offices

If you or your employees use your vehicles to visit patients, pick up medical supplies, records and run other business errands, you need a Business Auto policy. If your medical office has a mobile healthcare service, business auto insurance covers replacement or repair of the vehicle, medical costs of employees who are injured and repair or replacement of damaged equipment in the event of an accident. Business auto insurance can be comprehensive or just cover collisions.

Property Insurance for Medical Offices

Any number of unexpected events could disrupt your operations, such as a natural disaster, extreme weather, or fire. Medical equipment kept in medical offices is subject to damage or loss, and if large amounts of drugs are kept on hand, theft is a major concern. If something along these lines occurs, business property insurance steps in so repairs can be made and damaged or missing equipment can be purchased.

Crime Insurance for Medical Offices

Loss of patient information by inside or outside cyber criminals is a very real risk for medical offices. Few business owners realize how frequently losses from employee embezzlement of bank accounts or theft of drugs, supplies or equipment occur. Outsiders may also steal money or property from your place of business.

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