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General Liability Insurance

Why you need General Liability insurance Coverage:

Today, every business operates in a legal minefield. Many business agreements you enter may actually require proof of General Liability Coverage. And without it, just a single bodily injury or property damage lawsuit could put you out of business. This coverage is the shield for your assets.

General Liability covers things like…
– Customer slip and fall injuries
– Damage caused by an employee to the building you lease
– Negligent operation that causes injury to a client or a member of the public
– A product sold by you that injures a consumer
– Lawsuits alleging slander or libel

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Products Liability Insurance

Why you need Products Liability Insurance Coverage:

When a person suffers bodily injury or property damage due to the use of a product, all parties involved in the release of the product to the consumer can be held liable.  This includes sellers, distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, installers, and resellers.  Products Liability coverage protects you from the wide range of claims that can occur with the use of products.

Product Liability covers things like…
– A product you sold causes injury to the person using it, and the warnings or instructions were inaccurately represented on the packaging
– A product you resell malfunctions and causes property damage
– An ingredient label is printed incorrectly on a food product, and a person with a food allergy suffers bodily injury after consuming it

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Business Auto Insurance

Why you need Business Auto insurance:

The odds of a car accident occurring involving one of your company vehicles or a vehicle one of your employees is driving are high, and with auto accidents the risk of expensive medical bills is common.  A single accident could destroy your financial security if you don’t have adequate business auto insurance.

Business Auto covers things like…

– Medical expenses for injured persons in an accident
– Damage to property or bodily injury that occurs when an employee is driving their own vehicle on company business
– Claims related to an accident that occurred in a vehicle that your business leased

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Product Recall Insurance

Why you need Product Recall insurance:

When a product has been determined to cause injury or damage, or poses a threat to those around it, a product recall must happen. Imagine the expense involved in one recall: from notification to collection to reimbursement, recalling products is a costly and time consuming endeavor.

Product Recall insurance provides financial coverage for the expenses involved, including things like…

– Payroll expenses to cover the hours your employees spend mailing notification letters, receiving returns, disposing of recalled product, and managing replacements or reimbursement
– Lost income due to inability to operate normally during the recall
– Production of new inventory to replace the returned items that were recalled
– Shipping of new products to consumers who returned their recalled item

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Intellectual Property Coverage

Why you need Intellectual Property Coverage:

Any business that creates marketing materials, publishes written content or newsletters, has trademarked phrases, copyrighted materials, or patented products or procedures, needs intellectual property coverage. This type of insurance can either provide legal defense when you are sued or funding for claims needing to be filed when others have infringed upon your intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property Insurance covers things like…
– You are sued for patent infringement for a product you manufacture that is similar to a competitor’s patent-protected product
– You file a claim against another company due to their use of your trademarked phrase in their marketing
– You have to hire an attorney to respond to a claim of copyright infringement against your company
– Your domain name is threatened in a law suit with a claim alleging that someone else owns the legal intellectual property rights to the words in your domain name

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Life Insurance

Why you need Life Insurance:

Life is full of constant surprises.  Car accidents, a flash flood, heart attacks… the catastrophes can vary dramatically but the lives these incidents threaten is the same across the board.

Protect your business, your family, your children by planning for the unexpected.  Life happens in the blink of an eye.  Have the finances in place to make sure everyone you love and everything you built is protected for the long term.

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Workers’ Compensation

Why you need Workers’ Compensation:

Most states require employers to carry a Workers’ Compensation policy.  This type of policy provides coverage for expenses an employee or subcontractor faces as a result of bodily injury or disease while performing activities related to business or on business premises.

Since this is a state-mandated policy requirement, there are penalties employers will face if they do not carry Workers’ Compensation.

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Builders Risk Insurance

Why you need Builders Risk Insurance Coverage:

A Builders Risk policy, carried on a per-job basis or on a blanket basis for all jobs, protects the builder against the threat of materials or the job site becoming damaged by weather, theft, vandalism, or other possible causes.

Builders Risk covers things like…

– A strong wind blows windows that have not yet been installed over, breaking them and requiring replacements

– Vandals permanently deface the freshly painted exterior of a new home

– Copper is stolen, preventing you from completing the wiring or plumbing in the house

A single policy can protect you, the builder, against a wide variety of common risks builders face between the time they begin a contract to the time they finish.

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Umbrella Liability Insurance

Why you need Umbrella Liability Insurance:

For most businesses, General Liability and Auto Liability is more than sufficient to protect them against the common risks they face.  For some businesses, however, the exposures to liability are large enough that more coverage is needed.

While General Liability Insurance typically has a limit of $1,000,000 per covered incident, Umbrella Liability can provide additional coverage with higher amounts per claim.  Umbrella policies can be purchased in increments per $1,000,000 dollars.

When severity liability exposures exist, it makes sense to get an Umbrella Liability policy.

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Property Insurance

Why you need Property Insurance:

A flood.  Hidden mold you almost missed.  A damaged wall caused by a mishap with an employee.

It’s inevitable that your property will suffer daamge at one point or another… what is not guaranteed, however, is that you will have the necessary coverage to protect your place of business.

Property Insurance covers things like…

– A storm damages your roof, causing a need for immediate repair

– An employee trips and falls, knocking over a heavy piece of furniture and damaging the floor

– A break-in results in a loss of property

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Equipment Floater Insurance

Why you need Equipment Floater Insurance:

Did you know… that when you transport your equipment from job site to job site, you may not have adequate insurance coverage to protect you if something happens related to the equipment when it is away from the main location?

Equipment Floater Insurance covers things like…

– Your valuable equipment is stolen while on a job site

– Your equipment is damaged in transport between two jobs

– Your tractor is damaged on the way back to your shop

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Errors & Omissions Insurance

Why you need Errors & Omissions Insurance:

Professional service providers hold a great responsibility in the lives of their clients.  Attorneys, CPAs, consultants, architects, and other service providers share the unique risk of making a single mistake that could have grave repercussions.

Errors & Omissions Insurance covers things like…

– A miscalculation in an estimate, tax return, business plan, or budget causes financial damage to your client

– A forgotten step in a procedure ruins a client’s project resulting in financial damages to the client

– A single misstep or mistake causes financial injury to your client

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Cyber Risk Insurance

Why you need Cyber Risk Insurance:

With the increase in data breaches in which customer credit card information is exposed to a hacker or to the public, consumers and business owners are becoming more aware of cyber liability and the potential risks involved in online transactions and interactions.

Cyber Risk Insurance covers things like…

– A virus on your server infects a customer’s computer and destroys important data

– A security vulnerability on your database allows the outside world to see your client’s secure information

– An incorrectly programmed web site URL allows customers to easily manipulate the URL and see another client’s information

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Crime Insurance

Why you need Crime Insurance:

Theft.  Forgery.  Embezzlement.  No one expects employees or volunteers to steal from their business, but sadly it happens more often than employers think.  The culprit is typically a trusted employee and is usually extremely trustworthy.

Crime Insurance protects against the loss of merchandise, property, or money resulting from dishonest employees.

Crime Insurance covers things like…

– An employee has quietly embezzled thousands of dollars, a small amount at a time, and can’t afford to pay you back once the crime has been discovered.

– Your bookkeeper forges your name on checks written to them and then suddenly resigns before you know what happened.

– An outsider who is not an employee steals cash or securities.

– An outsider discovers your password and steals from your bank account.

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Accident Insurance

Why you need Accident Insurance:

Sports and recreation organizations have athletic or other participants who may be injured during an event.  If their bills are not covered by health insurance, they may respond to collection efforts from medical service providers by looking for a “deep pocket” to sue.

Unfortunately, the deep pocket is likely going to be your organization. Your General Liability carrier may require you to carry Accident Insurance that will guarantee that your participants won’t incur out of pocket medical bills due to no insurance or due to gaps (such as deductibles or coinsurance) in their existing insurance.

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Management Liability Insurance

Why you need Management Liability Insurance:

Executives of a business or an organization are the decision-makers that guide much of the success of a company, and at the same time executives hold much power in their hands.  A single decision made by an executive team can have long term effects on many people in the organization and on other stakeholders such as banks, members, and other third parties.  Management Liability offers financial coverage of expenses related to lawsuits that may be filed related to the decisions made by an executive or an executive team.

Management Liability Insurance covers expenses related to lawsuits stemming from…

– Layoffs, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment

– Management decisions that result in loss of value to shareholders and other stakeholders

– Management decisions that violate the rights of others under state, federal, or constitutional law

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Equipment Insurance

Why you need Equipment Insurance:

When your business uses critical equipment to perform operations, you can’t afford to lose equipment due to theft, vandalism, weather, etc.  Equipment Insurance offers coverage for the repair and replacement of equipment that is critical to your business, so your clients and your business don’t suffer when something is missing or not working.

Equipment Insurance covers things like…

– Vandalism that puts critical machinery out of operation

– Theft of equipment needed for an activity your organization performs routinely

– Damage to equipment while being transported

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