6 Security Tips for Preventing Insurance Claims

Preventing Tech Insurance Claims

Security Considerations that Can Prevent Claims Under Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) and General Liability Insurance

1. Adopt as many of the following security elements as feasible:

  • Security firewall
  • Protocols meeting X.509 standards
  • Routers
  • Secure remote dial-up or access
  • Proxy servers
  • Computerized intrusion detection
  • Secure remote maintenance
  • Mainframe data protocols
  • Firewall tunneling
  • Encryption devices
  • Identification, authentication and integrity protocols
  • Access restrictions
  • Anti-virus scanning
  • Load balancers
  • Hot site
  • Continuous monitoring of security alerts
  • Procedures to address any suspected intrusion and/or respond to security alerts
  • Reassessment of security vulnerabilities upon system or website changes, software upgrades, etc.
  • Periodic security audits from third parties
  • Storage of the data or content of others in an encrypted format
  • Automated Security Scanner
  • High-speed internet connections
  • Password protection

2.  Have a written and formalized systems and physical security policy statement.

3.  Adopt formal employee guidelines to address systems and Internet usage.

4.  Appoint a systems/physical security manager.

5.  Adopt and test a formalized disaster recovery program.

6.  Do NOT warrantee or guarantee that your service has no security vulnerabilities or that your service will prevent security breaches, denial of service attacks or the introduction of malicious code into the systems of others.

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