Cyber Crime

Social Media exposure

Cyber Liability Insurance Needed for Social Network Scams

Cybercriminals are using phishing tactics to gain information from social network sites to tap into corporate networks to steal sensitive data that can result in breach of privacy lawsuits and the need for Cyber Liability insurance for both techs firms and regular businesses

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Cyber risk insurance

Escalating Need For Cyber Liability Insurance

Small and large companies require protection from data breaches The rise in cyber liability claims is a frequency issue as well as severity. Remedies for data breach now cost $202 per record. More than half of companies with less than

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Preventing Cyber Attacks

Loss control and risk management steps The following risk management controls can help companies avoid losses due to cyber attacks such as viruses, hackers, Trojan horses, malware, denial of service, extortion, errors & ommissions in delivering tech services and, intellectual

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12 Specific Cyber Liability Risks

Analyzing your insurance needs When analyzing a Cyber Liability policy for adequacy, the following specific risks may or may not be covered: Errors & Omissions resulting in economic damages (needed for accounts that perform cyber-related professional services for a fee)

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