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Sadler Insurance

Annual Re-evaluation of Your Insurance Program

Both you and your agent have a responsibility to ensure proper coverage A good insurance agent never wants to hear a client or potential client say “Just duplicate what coverage I already have.” And if the agent does hear those

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Learn How Scammers Get Your Social Security Number

Knowing their secrets can help you trip them up I came across an excellent article that explains how easy it is for scammers to decode your social security number.  I’ve always wondered how they did this. Carnegie Mellon University researchers

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Independent board of directors

Is an Independent Board of Directors What Your Business Needs?

What a team of outsiders can provide and the benefits you’ll reap The CEO of any large public business has a board of directors that assist with the decision making and management of the organization. Too often, those running privately-held

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Crime Insurance

Increased Need for Crime Insurance for Small Businesses

Diligence is the key to preventing losses Since the 2008 economic decline, there has been a sharp rise in crimes by employees and third parties. Fueled by the fear of unemployment, workers are fighting back against their employers. They’re more

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The Upward Trend in Usage-based Insurance

Privacy concerns are taking a backseat Telematics, the wireless communication systems that can track driving habits, locations, gasoline consumption and more, are making a big impact in insurance rates. The benefits and savings telematics provide in usage-based insurance (UBI) are

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Employee Drivers: a Work-related Risk

What’s driving up claims? Do your employees, contractors and/or volunteers drive company or personal vehicles for business purposes? Accidents can occur to anyone while driving to a sales meeting, job site, conference, business lunch or the post office. Your drivers,

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Cyber Liability Insurance

Insider hacking poses huge cyber risk

Insiders account for most cyber theft losses Outside hackers, whether domestic or part of criminal gangs in Eastern Europe and Asia, get most of the media attention. However, a bigger cyber risk is inside jobs by a company’s own employees.

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Data Breaches Growing Rapidly

Tech Companies Uninsured Over the past several years, there have been over 225 million reported consumer data breaches. This year alone, there have been more than 30 million reported security breaches of consumer data. No one knows the actual numbers since it is suspected

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Workplace Safety Policy Includes a Return-to-Work Plan

Safety policies aren’t just about preventing injuries. Preventing injuries on the job site is the goal of any workplace safety policy. But did you know you can also prevent unnecessary costs by developing a return-to-work program in your company’s safety

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Drone and insurance claims

Will drones work with insurance claims adjusters?

Insurers hovering over the use of drones A community often looks like a war zone following a disaster such as a tornado, flood or earthquake. Ironically, military technology looks to be the future of recovery. The insurance industry is considering

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