Small Commerical

Who doesn’t need cyber insurance these days?

Large and small businesses risk security breaches We might as well call them artists because their creativity knows no bounds. Cyber criminals are constantly outsmarting software developers and IT professionals. The average annual cost of a cybercrime in the U.S.

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Construction safety

Building Design Impacts Slip/Trip/Fall Hazards

 Taking safety into account during the design stages Most commercial property owners work hard to make their premises safer by putting down mats between entryways and solid surfaces; promoting clean floors and appropriate footwear. And yet, slips, trips and falls

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Cyber liability insurance

Why Cyber Criminals Intentionally Target Small Businesses

Risk management controls are essential Cyber attacks on small businesses with less than 250 employees have tripled since 2011, according to The reasons that small businesses are becoming more popular with cyber criminals are simple: Compared to larger businesses, smaller

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Top Hat Chimney Sweep

Sadler Client Profile: Top Hat Sweepers

Chimney Sweep protects your home and it’s value Ron Rust, owner of Top Hat Sweepers has been a Sadler & Co. client for more than 20 years, purchasing General Liability ,Workers’ Compensation and other policies. He has performed chimney sweep

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Business Auto insurance

Top Traffic Ticket Excuses

How they impact commercial Auto Insurance Ignorance may be bliss, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to get you or your staff out of a ticket.  Police officers have heard every excuse in the books, so much so that they

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Contractor Workers Compensation Insurance

Why Workers’ Comp Claimants Prefer Attorney Representation

The reasons behind needing the assistance of an attorney The three main reasons injured employees hire an attorney when filing Workers’ Compensation claims is lack of workplace trust, fear of the claim being denied, and the severity of the injury

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Cyber Liability coverage

Advertising Injury Coverage Gaps Can Affect Non-Media Firms

Cyber Liability insurance is required for intellectual infringement protection The 1986 ISO General Liability policy form provided broad coverage for advertising injury for non-media companies. However, due to recent restrictions on advertising injury coverage under a General Liability policy, many

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Cyber Liability Insurance

Use of SpyEye Hacker Software on the Rise

Makes purchase of Cyber Liability insurance a No-brainer The odds are pretty good that a cyber gang will stealthily turn your PC into a bot and use it to carry out all manner of cyber attacks. Security analysts anticipate a

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Preventing Tech Insurance Claims

6 Security Tips for Preventing Insurance Claims

Security Considerations that Can Prevent Claims Under Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) and General Liability Insurance 1. Adopt as many of the following security elements as feasible: Security firewall Protocols meeting X.509 standards Routers Secure remote dial-up or access Proxy

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Insurance Questions

Errors and Ommissions Insurance vs. Professional Liability Insurance

Have you ever wondered if Errors and Omission’s insurance is the same as Professional Liability insurance? If so, you’re not alone. In recent years, the terms Errors and Omissions Liability and Professional Liability have been used interchangeably. However, this was

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